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Tidbits from the CLANNAD commentaries, part 1

To be honest, I've been finding these quite dry. Of the ten I've sat through so far, only three have really been all that interesting. I suppose they offer more for people who actually want to become animators?

9th commentary
  • It turns out that one of the three commentators is a 'first names' person - i.e. he does what few Japanese do and quite regularly addresses people he knows by their first name. So director Ishihara Tatsuya, another of the commentators, asked him there and then to address him by his first name.
Tatsuya-kantoku (i.e. Director Tatsuya)...
Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, that...

10th commentary
  • This is the episode where Kotomi first picks up a violin in the series. Yup, the one with the horrible violin screeching. How in the world did they make that noise? Well...the guy responsible for the sound effect actually picked up a violin and played it. => "You can actually make such a horrible noise on a violin?!"
  • They also talked about their favourite characters/routes, with Aratani Tomoe (Storyboard ep5,11) noting that she thinks that Nagisa fits Tomoya best...
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