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It's official, Bleach is a soap opera...

For now...Naruto 260 reaction - cool chapter. I applaud Kishimoto-sensei for returning to something that most readers/viewers would have forgotten (unless they happen to have photographic memories or love rereading the manga). On another note, if he does kill Gaara (highly unlikely, but still), I'm emailing 'Kira'; if he's not available/unwilling to do anything about it, I'll find another cold-blooded killer.

Speaking of Death Note though, I haven't been following the last few chapters very closely...as expected, without L there isn't quite the same amount of fun tension...

Blogging may be a self-indulgent past-time, but Mark Lawson is definitely an idiot. Anyways, as expected, blogging is something celebrities do as well...as if they don't get enough press already. Oh, I know this is hypocritical of me, since I'm bent on finding as many radio shows as possible and seriously don't give a second thought when hearing about what certain celebrities write on personal blogs...maybe it's just the idea of broadcasting political ideas etc on collective weblogs like The Huggington Post, especially since they are sometimes so disjointed, as if expecting that people have been following whatever they have been writing (which I guess some fans and fellow bloggers do)...

And the latest phase of 'America-bashing' has (predominantly French) people comparing Star Wars's politics to the current American administration...perhaps here lies something for Geroge Lucas to take pride in; the fact that he's figured out the US government might be trying to do?

I like being silly from time to time...
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