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On No.6...

I'm just totally amused that, besides the to-be-expected fangirling (or fanboying) posts, the discussion about the characters, and by extension, about Nezumi and Shion's relationship, on AF is so much more complex than the one on AS...

Though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - perhaps it takes people who read/watch a lot of BL to look beyond 'BL hints' where needed.

edit: I've found this fandom particularly annoying, because it's primarily composed of two groups of people: those who "will drop it once it's confirmed 'BL'", and those that are just fangirling how 'romantic' their relationship is. Once the first group completely disappears - which looks likely given the latest episode - it's going to feel like the Macross Frontier fandom, which really stinks because there's so much going on in the world that Asano Atsuko has created...

p.s. I have actually been spoiled, which means that I'm really looking forward to the reactions that we're bound to get, either in a few weeks or perhaps towards the end of the show. In the meantime though, various No.6 items have joined the next order that I'll be making from amazon.



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Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
No. 6
THANK YOU. I have a tumblr account (inputanimeoutput@tumblr.com) and have posted some comments about how I don't particularly like the Nezushi pairing as a romantic pairing. I've read the interviews translated by yourself and others, and I think exactly what you do about the three type of love in Greek. The English vocabulary is quite inadequate while talking about love. I really appreciate what you've said about romantic love vs. platonic love. Just because Sion may love Nezumi romantically (and I'm inclined to think that's possible though I also see that he loves Safu romantically as well) does not mean that the totality of their relationship is romantic at its core.

I also appreciate that you mentioned how it takes a true BL fan who understands the subtleties of the genre as well as the general theoretical basis for it could understand how Nezushi may not be a romantic pairing. Go figure.

Anyways, thank you for translating the interview and thinking through this with your brain rather than your 'squee' decibel. Even if I disagreed with you, I'd appreciate that.
Dec. 26th, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
Re: No. 6
Hi there ^^

Er...you're welcome, I guess? I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way though!

I'm still a bit ambivalent about Nezushi as a romantic pairing - I have to read the novels first, however long that might take. I actually think that there is a clear distinction between the feelings that Shion has for Nezumi and Safu - clearer in the novels perhaps, but also clear just from the first two episodes of the anime. And I would say that he almost definitely loves Nezumi romantically, though Nezumi's feelings are a bit harder to 'define', so to speak. But I really can't see how even Shion's feelings can be reduced to just 'romantic love', which what a lot of fangirls seem to go on about.

re: BL fans and understanding the genre

I must admit, my comments on that were born out of frustration from not only the no.6 threads on AS, but also another thread where people were discussing (demographic) genres in what I felt was a very confusing and misleading way. It's a huge generalisation, for I have encountered a lot of people (mostly on the internet, but even a few IRL) who gush over BL for the...er...extreme stuff.

I do squee and gush over scenes / works that I find romantic (as you'd probably realise if you read some of my other entries), but I simply didn't find so many of them in No.6. And what Asano-sensei says about relationships just really resonates with me, not to mention the really interesting political side that gets waylaid with all the squeeing...
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