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The big news in the anime/seiyuu world today:

The official day is August 8th (although I don't know whether they actually had a ceremony that day) - significance being that 8 is the lucky number in Japan. It's unbelievably close to 'Chinese Valentine's Day' too (the 7th day of the 7th month by the lunar calendar), though the Japanese celebrate that day by the Gregorian calendar (Tanabata). But anyways...




p.s. That they have gotten married probably isn't much of a surprise to seiyuu fans, as rumours about their romance have been around for years (cf. Hashihime's roundup on seiyuu romances). If anything, I was surprised that they revealed it just a few days after the ceremony, because Maaya-san has a pretty big fan following (Suzu's star seems to have been descending ever since GSD, though he's still a pretty well-known name)...

p.p.s. list of "common knowledge" couple rumours from 2ch...

“声優板 常識カップル”
日野聡  (31歳)& 中島沙樹  (31歳)
神谷浩史(34歳)& 斎藤千和  (28歳)
中村悠一(29歳)& 井上麻里奈(24歳)
小野大輔(31歳)& 田村ゆかり (33歳)
寺島拓篤(25歳)& 伊藤かな恵 (22歳)
鈴村健一(34歳)& 坂本真綾  (29歳)
入野自由(21歳)& 三瓶由布子(23歳)
鷲崎健  (35歳)& 井口裕香  (21歳)
吉野裕行(35歳)& 植田佳奈  (29歳)
櫻井孝宏(35歳)& 水樹奈々  (29歳)
立花慎之介(31歳)& 咲乃藍里(24歳)
生天目仁美(32歳)& 伊藤静  (28歳)

Would like to hear confirmation about a few more of these - especially HiroC and Yuukyan. Would love to hear that Sakku is married too, to be honest...but given that the rumoured partner is Mizuki Nana, I bet it'd be years before we hear of it if it's actually true!
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