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More OnoD comments from Kuroshitsuji

---The work of a butler involves dedicating oneself completely to serving another, and Sebastien is one such butler.

To me, that's a very noble thing, it's something I respect. In order to play Sebastien, I once again reflected on what it means to do something for someone else. I'm a person who, by nature, can't do anything if no one's there for me. For example, on radio shows, if I don't have someone to jab at me (tsukkomi), I'll just bomb all the jokes...when a sadist is there for me, I can relax and just let them bully me. In that way, I once again realised the importance of the people around me, and how much affection these sadists shower on me.

Hm...I wonder who he's referring to, huh? (^_^;;) (笑)

He also noted that:
- the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian is actually pretty bad. It's like a contest to see who can be more sadistic.
- most of the characters are sadists...

p.s. the main text in Japanese

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