k-chan (karice67) wrote,

I am totally amused...

...by the knee-jerk reactions to this week's No.6 episode.

Oh, and I'm still not referring to their relationship as a 'romance'. That they're hugely important to each other has been obvious since the start, though I haven't really seen people discussing their respective reasons for it beyond "oh, they're obviously in love with each other"...ugh.

There's a fair amount of character development here - I just don't feel it's fair to reduce it to a 'romance'.

p.s. that scene looked really awkward and...and somewhat unrealistic even for a light kiss (er...something like a peck on the lips, but lasting a bit longer). Can't really describe how...but I wish they'd done it better. It really reminded me of those fake kisses you sometimes see in Japanese dramas...
Tags: no.6

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