k-chan (karice67) wrote,

On Usagi Drop...

...which is my favourite anime this season.

Though I'm only watching two, to be honest...(No.6 is good too, but this is the one that makes me smile week after week!)

One thing that's been annoying all anime-only fans like myself are the constant allusions to the second half and the weird ending of the manga, especially in places where people are only supposed to be discussing the anime.

The vibe I'm getting from all those reactions is that...Daikichi and Rin become a couple in the end.

If that turns out to be true (and for goodness sake, I don't want it confirmed or denied just yet, please, I'd rather read the manga for myself once the anime's done!), I really don't know how I'll feel...

But I really am doing my best to wait until the anime ends. Just four more weeks!
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