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No.6: On Shion's character

Other than his insanely high level of curiousity (好奇心旺盛), there are two parts really.

The one that 'Mouse' and 'Dogkeeper' regularly address or refer to him as, "tennen", comes from the phrase "tennen boke" (天然ボケ). Literally, it means "natural airhead", but I'd generally translate it as "airhead", "idiot" or "fool", depending on the context. See this for more info.

NB: "natural", which is the direct translation of "tennen", doesn't work in English because we use "natural" in the sense of someone being so good at something that it seems like they were born with it. i.e. along the lines of "natural-born killer", to pick a rather disturbing example...


The other, his tendency to say exactly what he thinks, would be "massugu" (真っ直ぐ) or "straight" (ストレート) in Japanese. Basically means "frank" or "straightforward. In Shion's case, I'd be inclined to use "direct" or "ingenuous" as well.


Yes, I'm procrastinating...though I'm also a bit puzzled at the terms some people have been using...