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Tidbits from the CLANNAD commentaries part 2

For 10 to 12, the commentators were:
Takemoto Yasuhiro (ep. 10 director)
Aratani Tomoe (ep 11 director)
Yamamoto Rin (photography(?))

Aratani had a lot of fun doing the storyboard and episode direction for the dream Tomoya had => to the point where one of the others (probably Takemoto) said that the bit where Tomoya became a caterpillar was really gross!

Aratani also brings up this rather suggestively directed scene, where, with her eyes shifting nervously, Kotomi asks Tomoya to...read a book with her. Although Aratani (who is female) isn't really bothered by such scenes anymore because they're so common, she asks her two male companions what they thought - whether their hearts skipped a beat (きゅん) or not...it wasn't quite skipping a beat, but their hearts did beat a little faster for a moment (どきって)

Another good one. Here, we find out that most of the other commentary groups had short meetings (like, the day before recording) to decide what they'd talk about - only these three didn't, they're just talking about what they want to depending on what they see on screen.

...and strangely enough, their volume (vol.4) has been the most entertaining! Though it's been informative too.

Aratani is obsessed with characters' eyes: she loves Sunohara's eyes -talks about how they're really pretty ALL THE TIME - and finds Ryou's pretty too (the colour).

...and they talk about 'hetare-moe' for Tomoya...


For #13-15, we had...
Yoneda Mitsuyoshi (ep. 15 director)
Ueno Chiyoko (ep. 15 animation director)
Nakagami Ryuuta (director of photography)

they talk about how artists often use real life models to draw scenes etc, including for food and stuff. "Do you eat the food after that then?" "Well...I use the internet to find pictures..."

...obviously I didn't find these commentaries all that interesting...


And for #16-18...
Nishiya Futoshi (ep. 16 animation director)
Takao Touko (ep. 18 director)
Takeda Akiyo (colour design)

Not as amusing...but there was an interesting comment on the most difficult expression to draw. More than a laughing face, an angry face or a crying face, a face of realisation. Especially if there's no dialogue accompanying it.

This particular scene, where Tomoya realises that Ryou likes him, is a good example.

Towards the end, they talk about how Kyou seems to be quite popular amongst the female staff - probably because she is the most normal out of the lot.

Someone asked how Fuuko made those starfish cakes...and the episode director just said "no idea, think about it yourself". "That's so mean." "Well, I really don't know - or rather, I'd want to know myself!"

The tennis player's shirt was originally pink...but the episode director reacted really strongly to it, because - it's fine if it's a practice shirt, but tennis is a 'gentleman's sport', so it would have been a bit too unconventional. And they couldn't have other colours like white (same as everyone else), green or blue (the background), so it ended up being purple.
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