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Kimi to Boku

Wow...I thought the reaction to the first episode of this series on AS and a few other places was rather silly...on 2ch, it was downright ridiculous. Many of them were in agreement with the negative Western reactions, i.e. "guys don't talk like that!" "guys don't brush each others' hair!"...but you know...I've met some students in Japan that I think could conceivably have done those things. They're not common...but they're there.


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Oct. 13th, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
Well, hello there ^^
Most girls in anime don't act like girls in real life at all.

LOL. Though I think that's mainly true for either (1) series made for guys or (2) super-shoujo stuff, because I have met some female Japanese students who are somewhat similar to the girls we find in Kimi ni Todoke, for example, barring Sawako of course.

Must admit, I really wouldn't have a clue how guys would act around each other when they're not trying to impress anyone...
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