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Tidbits from the Clannad AS commentaries, part 1

Ishihara Tatsuya (Series Director)
Ikeda Kazumi (Character Design)
Kiyohara Mie (Animation Check Ep 1)


There was a bit of a debate of what to call this season, e.g. CLANNAD 2? (One of the girls was not too fussed about it...)


Ishihara points out the clouds in the night sky at this point, noting that he thinks they're pretty unusual for anime. Usually, they're thicker, and you usually see them in front of a bright moon (probably partially blocking out the moon?).

In Sunohara's room, Tomoya took off his watch. Ishihara notes that animators really don't like watches, because they're an additional detail they have to worry about! Incidentally, Ishihara used to carry a pocket watch (懐中時計) around when he was in high school, though nowadays he tends to wear a watch.

They also talk about the ED animation of the cast 'walking'. Each person (or group/couple etc) is animated with just 8 frames (or some set number of frames), but you can see that they all have different stride-lengths, so they had to piece it together.

Sakamoto Kazuya (Ep 6 Director)
Takeda Akiyo (Colour)
Yamamoto Rin (Director of Photography)


Sakamoto(?) apparently is a pretty 'emotional' person - he cries easily when he's touched - so whenever he's watching something (e.g. a finished episode) with everyone else at work, he's always hiding a few tears.


The commentators point out that you often see minor characters (and locations) in the town in other episodes. E.g. the Shima house was seen in an episode where Nagisa (and Tomoya) were talking to Tomoya's father, and the dorm member's date is the Judo club captain from season one.  

(er...I had nothing to say for #7-9...)

Shinohara (Art Designer)
Takahashi Mariko (Animation Director)
Yamada Naoko (Director?)


Yamada - doesn't like moths? Amongst the staff, there is a key framer who really doesn't like moths, so that person really doesn't want to draw them. But this is our work, so we can't just say "alright then"!
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