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Mini-rant on the fandom...

I think I'm starting to understand the attitudes that certain fansubbers have taken. To put it simply, attitudes along the lines of the following:

"stop bugging us, we'll do this in our own time"
"if you don't like the translation, f*** off"
"you don't know what you are talking about, so STFU"
etc etc
That is, the attitudes that others would call 'elitist'.

Is it really that unreasonable to ask "what is your evidence for that?" and then to point out that there is far more evidence against it which that person doesn't have access to? Am I being elitist when I tell someone not to represent hearsay or opinion as fact? Or when I ask them not to slam a creator just because they don't agree with what they think the creator has done with a particular work? Or when I remind someone that there's a lot they don't know because they don't know (enough) Japanese?

I came across the following post by weazulgrl on tumblir yesterday...and just wanted to say: SO DAMN TRUE.

thoughts on the anime fandom
a.k.a. There’s Just No Winning…

ever notice how the anime fandom at large tends to judge everyone pretty harshly (now, there are some saner groups than others, but there’s a very vocal group that is obtusely and blaringly judgmental).

if you’re a new fan you’re a stupid n00b (not a newb, you’re seen as a n00b)

if you’re a fan who sticks to only a few series you’re a poser

if you’re a fan who watches a whole bunch you’re trying too hard

if you’re a fan who doesn’t bother to find out the little details you’re an ignorant n00b

if you’re a fan that likes to research and analyze stuff you’re an elitist busybody (especially if you even point out something that seems pretty obvious even once)

if you know about the Japanese language and/or culture you’re Wapanese (even if you’re interest in anime came AFTER you became interested in another aspect of Japan or the language)

if you’re an enthusiastic fan you’re a weeaboo

if you like dubs you’re a n00btard poser

if you prefer subs you’re an elitist and a poser

if you love collecting anime goods you’re an obsessive otaku

if you don’t like slash and/or yaoi you’re a homophobe

if you do like slash and /or yaoi you’re a freaky fangirl/fujoshi

if you’re a “normal” fan you’re not trying hard enough/not a “serious fan”

did I miss anything?

Oh, and to those who love to trumpet about their rightful freedoms, especially the "freedom of expression", pray tell me: what responsibilities come with that?
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