k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Souma Hiroomi - finally showing concern...? Or just amused?

One thing that's completely surprised me since the 8th episode aired on Saturday, is the number of fans that...hm...fawn over Souma's apparent concern for Yamada (Aoi) - he spends most of the episode ensuring that she isn't found by the person that he (and every viewer) is certain is her brother.

These fans allege that he's noticed how Yamada's family environment isn't that great (her mother works too much, perhaps, neglecting them?) so he wants to keep Yamada in the restaurant where she is happier.

Hm...I'm far more inclined to think that Souma just thought it would be amusing to keep them apart...until, as happens with anything involving Yamada, the lutz inadvertently gets turned back on him... (^___^)
Tags: working!!

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