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Tidbits from the Clannad AS commentaries, part 2

Ishihara Tatsuya (Series Director)
Takeda Akiyo (Colour Design)
Akitake (Animation Director)


They talk about the difference between male and female 'colour designers'. The former are more likely to leave it to the animators to decide the colours, but the latter usually assign colours - it's like they have a vision of what they want to see.


When Ushio gets up to go the the toilet, she puts her hand on Tomoya's knee to help herself up - Takeda found that really really cute, like "really moe!"
And Tomoya's watch - it's a man's watch now, rather than the one he had in high school.


Poor Takeda-san! This episode had not 2, not 3, but 4!! different sunset colour schemes!
Ishihara also mentions that he brought in a video of his niece as a reference for the animators. How they move include actions that might not register unless you're actually trying to observe them, such as saying 'no' with their whole body, shaking it from left to right.

Sakamoto Kazuya (Ep 19 director)
Ishidate Taiichi (Ep 20 director)
Horiguchi Yukiko (Ep 21 animation director)


Strangely, the women amongst the production crew apparently didn't really understand the scene between Tomoya and his father. On the surface, you really think he is a bad father, but when you try to understand the emotions behind his actions, there's something beneath that surface.

e.g. 18:50
Why did he stay in the house, even though Tomoya had left? Probably because he was waiting for Tomoya to come home. Remember when Tomoya left? He didn't say he wasn't coming back, just "I'm going to stay at a friend's place for a while. I don't know when I'll be back." So perhaps Tomoya's father thought that he couldn't just leave. Until now, he really was still living as a father. And then at the end of the episode, he changed from using "Tomoya-kun" to using just "Tomoya".


The person who drew the key frames around this point (Fuko's visit) is really amazing - a female animator who is known as an "angel" amongst her peers(?) - she does really amazing work. They don't name her...(which had me wondering for a while if she was 'Nishiya', but I'm guessing not...)

Another animator they talk about is Nishiya Taishi (apparently an 'idol' - Horiguchi emphasises this), who does excellent facial animation. It comes naturally to him, he doesn't plan to make it so cute/moe etc.

Ishidate wondered if they had Tomoya being reminded of Nagisa too much, because he's finally gotten over her death one/two episodes before, so he regrets it a little. However, the other two reassure him that it's pretty natural, especially Sakamoto - "it probably hurt too much until then to think about her, so it's only once he's gotten over her death they the memories come flooding back".

Ishihara Tatsuya
Ikeda Kazumi
Takao Noriko

And once again, for some reason, I didn't take anything down for this...
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