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Brief notes about the AnoHana commentaries...

So, continuing with my commentary binge, I sat down to listen to all the AnoHana ones.

I didn't really take any notes, because a lot of it seemed to be about nostalgic reminders of the commentators' own childhoods. They talked about games, about whether they built their own 'secret bases', about how children behave at that age (generally agreeing with how the characters were written). Half of the time, they talked about things that would appeal more to Japanese viewers who might have grown up around the same time.

But there were other little things about the anime world that came up, particularly with regards to the seiyuu. For example, the 'Nokemon' and various other little snippets were ad-libbed, as was Yukiatsu's 'Nice middle!' in episode 9 (Tamura and Seto talk about how difficult it was for them to smother their laughter - it was quite a serious scene, after all!). The other thing the seemed to come through, from various seiyuu (incl. Irino and Seto) is that a lot of the younger seiyuu really look up to Sakku and admire his work.

Finally, they also talk about the developments and characters of AnoHana itself. About Jintan's interesting shirts, Yukiatsu's strong but unrequited love, Tsuruko as a 'cool beauty', how Menma's personality hasn't changed although she has grown slightly, Anaru's horrendous nickname and her awkwardness, how Poppo has changed the most and how they all wondered just how he was connected to the accident. We also got some comments from creative team, including Okada's comment about a scene in #10 that she had thought was rather touching when she wrote it, but which turned out to be quite...icky when it was finally animated. See if you can guess which one it was...

And that's the AnoHana commentary. Some of it was really interesting - especially the ones involving people who weren't from the main cast, but also the ones with Sakku. And I'm not saying that just because he's my favourite seiyuu - they really were quite entertaining.

Anyways, that's probably it for AnoHana from me. For anyone who's interested, here's the list of commentators.

#01 - Irino Miyu (Jintan), Kayano Ai (Menma), Tomatsu Haruka (Anaru)
#02 - Irino Miyu, Tomatsu Haruka, Kondo Takayuki (Poppo)
#03 - Irino Miyu, Kayano Ai, Kondo Takayuki
#04 - Kayano Ai, Sakurai Takahiro (Yukiatsu), Hayami Saori (Tsuruko)
#05 - Irino Miyu, Tomatsu Haruka, Sakurai Takahiro
#06 - Irino Miyu, Hayami Saori, Kondo Takayuki
#07 - Kayano Ai, Tomatsu Haruka, Sakurai Takahiro
#08 - Kayano Ai, Ogata Mitsuru (Jintan's father), Oura Fuyuka (Menma's mother)
#09 - Kayano Ai, Tamura Mutsumi (young Jintan), Seto Asami (young Yukiatsu)
#10,11 - Irino Miyu, Nagai Tatsuyuki (director), Okada Mari (screenplay), Tanaka Masayoshi (character design)
Tags: (translations&summaries), seiyuu: sakku

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