k-chan (karice67) wrote,

...I can't believe the kinds of things that turn up on Japanese radio...

I've been half-listening to some of the radio shows I collected so indiscriminately half a decade ago...and have found myself wondering what - if any - restrictions they have on these kinds of programs in Japan.

This time, the show in question is Sweet Junction, with Sugita Tomokazu, Morikubo Shoutatou and Morita Masakazu. I hardly pay attention because none of these seiyuu feature amongst my favourites, but there are a couple of corners that through up some funny, or *facepalm* worthy conversations.

One is the corner where fans write in with the reports of a study, e.g. "When asked if they would give up sex for 1 million pounds, 30% of English men answered 'yes'", to which the three determine whether they think the report - of the existence of a survey with those results - is true or not. By-the-by, this one turned out to be true...

But more mind-blowing for me was another corner, about 'Superhumans'...wherein one reader wrote in to propose that a classmate who never...er...jerks himself off...should be considered worth of such that title...
Tags: (raji), (seiyuu)

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