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This is super old, but I've always wanted to write about it.

A few years ago, back when I was still teaching in Okinawa, I went on a little school excursion with my 3rd years. This being Senior High School, that means 17- and 18-year-olds. Although I hadn't been their 'sub-' homeroom teacher for more than a year, I still went with my favourite class.

It being a rather long bus ride, the class leaders, of course, came up with some games and activities to while away the time. One of these involved relaying the results of a little survey that they'd had the all the students fill out previously. It had some of the usual - i.e. what people want to be / see themselves as in the future.

But the one that interested - or rather, amused - me most, was the 「キュンとする仕草」 one, i.e. "(behavioural) idiosyncrasies that make your heart skip a beat". They generally gave the rather typical ones of 'twirling a pen around their fingers', or 'playing with their hair', but what was really amusing was how the MC would sometimes name the student(s) who displayed that behaviour, resulting in a few red faces.

But this doesn't just happen at the local level - it's also showed up in at least one of the Waratte Ii Tomo drama specials that Tamori and SMAP's Nakai Masahiro host, in a segment which had female contestants ranking what the men identified as their favourite idiosyncrasies in women. There were some that people generally agree on (e.g. holding a hair tie lightly between one's teeth whilst gathering one's hair up into a ponytail), and others that raised a few eyebrows ('a girl who is somewhat airheaded at work'...) and even Kimura Takuya's 'being able to nonchalantly act demurely even when wearing clothing that is a little bit revealing'! The latter one included 'nonchalantly returning a shoulder strap to its proper place', 'nonchalantly covering one's cleavage when leaning forward to get something', and slipping in and out of a car with legs together when wearing a miniskirt. It was pretty funny watching him get a bit of flak for that!

As for my favourite idiosyncracies in guys...well...er...I quite like Yuukyan's sheepish hand-to-head gesture when HiroC had cornered him with a question about choosing between Sheryl and Ranka at the Tokyo Zepp live...

Ultimately, however, it's voices that make my heart skip...and as I noted in my 2011 review, Ryuu's "Chizuru, suki da yo..." tops just about everything I've had the pleasure of listening to...

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