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Am I weird?

I'm really enjoying Nisemonogatari...to the extent that I 'ignore' most of what many viewers are calling "fanservice".

E.g. the bathroom scene in episode 4, where Shinobu, in her 8-year-old form, is portrayed washing herself (and having her hair washed by Araragi) for a good 10 minutes. Or the scene in episode 2 where he walks in on Kanbaru in her 'despairing state'.

There are definitely a few moments - Nadeko and one particular perspective of Karen's conversation with her brother in episode 2, along with Karen suffering under the fever in episode 4...but I've seen a lot of complaints about the bathroom scene in particular, and I'm simply not fussed about that.

Is it because I'm a girl myself? Especially since I've been to public baths (銭湯) in Japan where people partake in that whole cleansing routine? (I haven't been to a mixed bath / hot spring, but I know they exist) Is it because I'm just used to the idea that, even where the baths are split by sex, children can enter with a parent of the opposite sex? Apparently, it's considered quite socially acceptable as long as the child has not entered puberty.

Yes, I know that Shinobu technically isn't Araragi's child. But if you really think about it, their relationship is something like master-servant cum family...

Basically, I really don't get a lot of the whining about all the fanservice (and, of course, am even less impressed by the whining that a certain kiss wasn't animated - big deal, that particular scene wasn't in the novel either, just the dialogue leading up to it). It was expected, especially with Nadeko, but in my opinion, episode 10 of Bakemonogatari still takes the cake.

p.s. Another fun fact: apparently, it's the father that 'traditionally' bathes the children (usually at home) until they are old enough to wash themselves thoroughly...
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