k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Radio Misty Special - キュンとした!!!

...as much as I could anyway, seeing as I don't particularly like either of their voices...

...but seeing Shimono Hiro be totally at home in a kitchen, even as he's baking something, when baking is the one type of cooking that he was deathly afraid of trying!

Yes, guys who can cook...totally キュンとするわ!

The rest of the special was pretty funny too, right from Hirotan having to change into that maid costume...Yuutan and Hirotan sweet-talking each other (yes, with Hirotan still in that get-up, and even letting Yuutan lay his head on his lap...), all the way to the end of the cook-up, where Yuutan prepared a peppery present as 'thanks!' for the director, who'd been grinning at them from the other side of the camera all through the shoot!

Waaah~ I really haven't laughed this much in ages!
Tags: (raji), (seiyuu)

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