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Brief notes on Guilty Crown as of #18

Spoilers, of course

Shuu & Inori
  • hm...I'm glad they didn't depict Inori giving him first aid...let's just say it would have killed my ears.
  • I'd been wondering when they'd bring the 'so why is your void a sword?' issue up again...the reason that floated to my mind was that she'd been created as a weapon.
  • The way Shuu dealt with the question though (as revealed in the flashback), shows character that I really respect.
  • as does the look in Shuu's eyes at the end. Well, it seems like he's finally matured to the point where, when he doesn't have the power to do what he wants, he knows that there are still things that can be done.

  • that's not Gai. At least, I really don't believe it is. I sincerely hope the writers have written this well.
  • On the other hand, remembering back to the 4th episode where he said that Kido Kenji was the main target of the planned rescue...

  • Here's a brief rundown of how I believe her decision on how to 'set Shuu free' came about.
  • when she met Gai and Inori in #11, Gai noted that he'd left Shuu behind, which meant that he should have been safely far away from all the action.
  • however, because Shuu still had the Void Genome, he decided to get himself involved (NB: there is also an interesting comment from Gai in that episode, which is rather vague, but which implies how much he actually cares for Shuu. I have the sinking feeling that most subbers didn't get it right.)
  • hence, Haruka thought that the only way to truly free him from the whole situation was to get the Void Genome out of him. Of course, given what Shu has gone through up 'til now...

  • ok, this development has been coming for ages...but seriously, after the few times he went batshit crazy in the first half of the series...?

Finally, I skimmed some of the earlier episodes again, and when I came across 'Infection Control Law Article 9' in ep.13 again, my eyebrows went right up. Of course, the controversial Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution doesn't have a 3rd section, but I'm still wondering if that was intentional...Yoshino used to be a schoolteacher, so there's no way he doesn't know the significance of that particular article...

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