k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Bakemonogatari news...!!!

So, it's finally licensed for some kind of release in the West. They haven't announced what form the release will be in yet (i.e. digital, or with DVDs/BDs), but it will apparently premiere today at Sakura-Con in the States, so we just might find out within 24 hours or so...

I wonder how they're doing it. This is such a dialogue heavy anime that quite a few fans seem to be hoping for a good dub. Well, not that this is of any concern to me...

And of course, the other big question on everyone's lips (if we get the DVD/BD release): what are they going to do about the commentaries?

(from ANN)

p.s. Something that's bugging me though...the first volume of the "Bakemonogatari Commentary Scriptbook" was briefly available for preorder on amazon...but has since disappeared. That doesn't mean they'll be cancelling that, does it? Or that it'll only be available from certain sellers? I couldn't find it on BK1 either...
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