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Carol, release yourself from that illusion. You must throw it away, the illusion that a story must have a beginning and an end. Stories have no beginning, nor do they have an end. All they have are people connecting with each other, working with each other, affecting each other, and how that expands throughout the world. Stories must never have an end.

But Vice-director, why can't stories have an end?

Why do you think?

Hm...because leaving the possibility of a continuation is a more effective hook?

3 points.

...that's a bit low, don't you think?

There are a multitude of ways to answer that question. But for your sake, I'll just tell you the simplest one.

Yes please.

Because it's fun.

Because it's fun?

Yes, because it's fun.

But aren't there people who are dissatisfied when a story doesn't have an end?

That in itself is something to look forward to, Carol.


Take that mouse. How do you think it's lived up to this point? And what kinds of experiences is it going to pass through from here on? Try and imagine it, Carol, imagine.

Vice-director, you're right, this is fun!

That's what it's all about, Carol.

From the 16th episode of Baccano!

Haha. This is so perfect when talking about Macross endings! And yes, I do know that they might just be talking about the stories of the Immortals, but the meta- potential is too great to just confine it to Narita-sensei's world!

The full scene in Japanese under the cut...


























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Apr. 13th, 2012 11:54 am (UTC)
Thanks for this, I'm going to use the first quote a lot when talking to my friends in real life.

I also needed to read something smart after I went through the discussion you guys were having over on animesuki forums. The person you were talking to reminded me why I never bothered to register an account there in the first place...

Regardless of what she says please keep on translating interviews and commentaries on whatever interests you, be it Macross or anything else, like Clannad or the monogatari series. I for one am really greatful for your work.

Edited at 2012-04-13 11:54 am (UTC)
Apr. 14th, 2012 01:00 pm (UTC)
Glad you like it as much as I do - it completely blew me away when I first watched the episode a few days ago, so I just had to record it somewhere ^^; Wish I'd managed to get to Baccano! a few years ago!

Most people at AS aren't that bad - the main reason I can't pull myself away is because there are a few people who share their excellent insights into some of the series (the Chihayafuru threads are good examples). That person really really irritates me sometimes, though perhaps I did overreact a bit this time. I'm kinda glad we were given an ultimatum - fingers crossed that that's the last we'll see of those circular arguments!

Well...I like translation too much to stop b/c of people like that (not to mention that I still want to reach the level of the pros, which is such a long way off!). But thank you for dropping by and commenting!
( 2 writings — write me? )