k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Chihayafuru crack from 2ch

Well, it's not quite as crazy as things can get, but it's still amusing.

The most recent chapter of Chihayafuru, the 92nd poem, has set off some fireworks everywhere. But what really amuses me about the reaction is how loads of people are now trying to describe the characters in terms of other series. This shouldn't really spoil anything, but I'll leave it under the cut just in case:

Chihaya = Hikaru; Arata = Sai; Taichi = Akari
Chihaya = Hikaru; Arata = Akira; Taichi = Akari
Chihaya = Hikaru; Arata = Akira; Taichi = Isumi

It's mostly been compared with HikaGo...but my favourite was actually this Hachikuro one:

Chihaya = Hagu
Arata = Morita-sempai
Taichi = Takemoto
Harada-sensei = Harada Shuu-chan!

p.s. Suetsugu-sensei is pretty much confirmed as a complete sadist, btw...
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