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Chihayafuru speculation

Hm...someone who's read the most recent chapter (#93) - a chapter where Taichi wins seven straight matches at a camp with Fujisaki HS, and where Chihaya realises that she doesn't really understand Taichi either - alluded to a possibility that I'm not entirely sure I want to see.

Remember: the very first scene of the manga has Chihaya playing in the Queen match in her final year of high school - that's one and a half years from now.

That means, we have one more Meijin / Queen challenge match before Chihaya qualifies as the challenger.

Given Arata's recent showing, it's quite possible he gets there...and defeats Suo...(although I'm not sure I'd want to see that! It'd be too quick!)

And if that's the case...Taichi might be the challenger the year after, whilst Chihaya challenges Shinobu...

The potential drama if that were to happen...waaaaaaaaaah.........

edit: urgh...after reading through the 2ch spoiler thread, I'm a little bit peeved at Kana-chan and Taichi, conspiring so that only Taichi and Chihaya go to the learning camp with Fujisaki. なんかずるいよ。Personally, I think he should just confess, and confess in a way that respects Chihaya's own feelings. Yes, it's completely unfair because she's never even looked at him even though he's always been there - it's hard to say if she even truly appreciates what he's done for her. But I personally have more respect for people who think about the happiness of the one they love rather than just about their own happiness, even if they themselves are in pain because of that. That's how I want to live too.

Ah well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now - maybe he wants to use this camp to confess, but will let Chihaya mull over it rather than pushing his feelings on her. It all depends on what you do next, Taichi!
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