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LOLs...I really should have read the chapters properly earlier.

I was really puzzled about Arata before, but now, I do have to confirm that he really is just like Chihaya in many ways, but especially in the "karuta idiot" way.

Going back to the end of volume 11, where he told Chihaya that he was only coming to the individual tournament because he was not interested in the team tournament...

In chapter 64, he then notes that "that was a lie", as he rocks up at Omi Jingu to watch the team competition, though clearly with the intent of keeping it from Taichi and Chihaya at least until the end of the day...

True, he screwed that up majorly in terms of his original goal for being there...but seriously, Arata, do you have to be so cute!?!

p.s. though I expect you won't lie to Chihaya like that again, given that you saw how much it hurt her to think you weren't interested in team competition!
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