k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Quick reaction on Chihayafuru ch 97

Taichi...after coming this far, and after reaffirming how much you can learn from Arata, why do you always end up saying something you regret?

I suppose it's better, in some ways, than being fake and pretending that you're not jealous. But...it's painful to watch you keep struggling with this.

And Chihaya - seriously, you want to become a teacher just to become the supervisor for a karuta club...? I guess, unlike Igo where senior players can run schools or coach others, competitive karuta is still something like an amateur sport. Which is somewhat saddening given that there are professional computer game players in countries like South Korea. I do feel for Miyauchi-sensei - how in the world do you guide a student like that?
Tags: manga: brief thoughts

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