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Oops, I totally forgot to post the year ender here...

Ah well, CNY is as good a time as any, right? Happy New Year!!!

The first memory of 2012: I will always love karuta, and...
The second memory of 2012: the musical number of the year
The third memory of 2012: drums, drums and more drums
The fourth memory of 2012: ice cream
The fifth memory of 2012: the joys and pains of food art
The sixth memory of 2012: an unforgettable experience
The seventh memory of 2012: it's finally here!!...or not...?
The eighth memory of 2012: the poetry of a bittersweet romance
The ninth memory of 2012: a certain unboxing...
The tenth memory of 2012: my introduction to 'The Butcher'...
The eleventh memory of 2012: an emerging trend in storytelling?
The twelfth memory of 2012: Farewell, oh reputation!

And the appendix, of course: the list...and the runner up...

p.s. I'm so glad LJ lets us schedule posts too! It's proved indispensable on WP!
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