k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Bye Bye Wallet...

I probably shouldn't...but I really really want to!!

Found out a couple of weeks back that Frontier was getting a new BD box release, with all the extras included, and new commentaries! My initial reaction was to jump for joy - even though my wallet was screaming, especially since the Monogatari series stuff is in full swing too (maybe I should wait for those BD boxes to be announced before I dip...)! It got worse when I realised that the same thing was planned for Code Geass, though with an earlier release date, in September... I'm going to be broke...

And then I realised the other important bit: more commentaries...? Almost gave me a heart attack - the original 9 took me forever to translate/summarise! They weren't about to make 9 more, were they? Luckily, it seems not. The reflections of the Code Geass commentators upon recording their new commentaries have recently been posted on the CG official site, and they've only done four new ones in total, one each for staff and cast, for the 1st and final episodes. If I'm lucky then, that's the most we'll see for Frontier too - though it might be even likelier that we'll only have one new track for each episode. But either way, can't wait!!!
Tags: code_geass, macrossf

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