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Monogatari Series

Just notes for my own benefit...
The links take you to summaries of the novels, so please don't click unless you're ready to be spoiled.

Link collection from AS

Second Season
Nekomonogatari White (Tsubasa Tiger)
Hanamonogatari 2011/3 (Suruga Devil) <= not in anime S2
Otorimonogatari 2011/6 (Nadeko Medusa)
Onimonogatari 2011/9 (Shinobu Time)
Koimonogatari 2011/12 (Hitagi End)

Third and Final Season
Tsukimonogatari 2012/08 (Yotsugi Doll)
Koyomimonogatariž 2013/05 (Koyomi Book)
Owarimonogatari 1 2013/10 (Ougi Fortune, incl. Ougi Formula)
Owarimonogatari 2 (Ougi Dark)
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