k-chan (karice67) wrote,

On the unjustifiable malignment of Yoshino Hiroyuki

(The writer, not the seiyuu.)

I was just skimming some of the interviews in the Guilty Crown Guidebook - yes, something like a year and a half after I actually bought it - and a couple of things have stood out.

First, as I once hinted at on AS, Gai's goal had always been to rescue Mana from her fate. Whilst he doesn't name Mana, that's pretty much what he tells the head of the Kuhoin group when seeking their support.

Second, and more importantly, the interviews also show that Yoshino has, once again, been wrongly blamed for things that were out of his control. Guilty Crown seems to have been director Araki Tetsuro's baby from start to finish; Yoshino was just one of the people involved in bringing his vision to the screen.

I will be translating more of Yoshino's (and probably other screenwriters') interviews in the future, because the bashing that he receives shows that this misunderstanding of how various anime have been created has gone too far. I doubt that anything I do will make much of a difference - even I roll my eyes at some of the things that Yoshino is probably responsible for (over the top high school stuff, mostly) - but someone has got to start.
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