k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Nobunaga: I feel like a fool for not picking that voice...

The three main guys were easy. Sakku was dead obvious (I knew he was in the show, admittedly, though not the role), and whilst I did question my ears over Miyano Mamoru and Kaji Yuuki - especially Kaji, 'cos I don't think I've ever heard him in a role like this - actually sitting down to watch the first few minutes of the first episode was more than enough. And then there were two other familiar voices at the round table. I picked both You-kyan and Endo Aya within a couple of lines, and was quite amused to confirm that the latter was Machiavelli! I probably should have identified Koyama Rikiya too, but that's fine...in the end, what was really embarrassing was that I missed Sugita...
Tags: seiyuu: sakku, seiyuu: you-kyan

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