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Notes to self: Macross Zero BD commentary (episode 5 only)

Just in case I ever decide to summarise this more fully (à la the Frontier ones).

With: Suzumura Kenichi (Shin), Kobayashi Sanae (Sara) and Kawamori Shouji

'Long time no talk!' (about the beginning, the auditions, the talk about a movie version, Kobayashi making the first announcement about Zero in the summer of 2002) - most interesting thing here was that it was only meant to take one year! Also, Holy Raz is from Madagascar.

Behind Macross Zero (about how Kawamori came up with the ideas for Zero - visiting islands/areas with relics from WW2, Thailand, Laos (re: Vietnam), as well as 3 days on an aircraft carrier [when I listen to him talk about what he observed, I'm kinda jealous!]...the shock of 9/11 leading to interest in myths and legends

About coming into contact with people who still live more simple lives, lives without all the conveniences of modernity, leading to conversation about how the two seiyuu felt when they first came to Tokyo.

Back to the topic of unusual civilisations and the possibility of things like 'The Bird Human' and the power of spiritual leaders like miko => Macross being about the meeting of different cultures.

Talking about the transition towards the use of digital tools in anime. (NB: Even though the story feels older, this is actually the time for the incident covered in Zero! (2008-9)) Interestingly, the progress of digital animation can also be observed across the five episodes.

And about the loss of the stars.

The connection with Frontier (episode 10, Dr Mao Nome), and the 'coincidence' of the timing of the BD. => coincidences and serendipity

Talking about the scene where Shin finally gets through to Sara, and how the music was already recorded by the time of recording, which the seiyuu were completely moved by. And about the scene where the König Monster deploys (hand drawn) => nostalgic discussion.

The scene that was repeated in Frontier, where Nojima Hirofumi was 'imitating SuzuKen'. Here, the legend is born. Of course, SuzuKen and Kobayashi ask Kawamori if they can enquire as to where Sara and Shin disappeared off to: "tens of thousands of light years away." Before 9/11, Kawamori's final scene had been for the VF-0 to be shot down, with the final shot showing it resting beside the relics of a Zero fighter that had been shot down during WW2! A very different ending => it really became a myth/legend, one that was depicted in Frontier!

Might there be a movie version? Might be for Frontier...
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