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Aldnoah.Zero publicity, key merchandise etc

Just the list of magazine spreads, events, radio show specials, and key merchandise that I know of. For the publicity stuff, I'll note the ones that I haven't been able to obtain - if anyone is willing to share them with me, I'd be incredibly grateful! And if you know of anything I've missed, please let me know!

2015-07-24—26 OTAKON in Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
NB: apparently, this was used to promote the upcoming release of the English dub/sub release. Attendees who preordered the 1st package were entitled to a signing event with Aoki.

2015-07-22 Aldnoah Zero BD/DVD vol.10 (*)
With I-IV’s Mechanics Archives for S2

2015-07-01 Aldnoah Radio vol.6 on sale (*)
including a special recording with Hanae Natsuki [Inaho]

2015-06-27 S2 Guidebook released! (*)

2015-06-24 Aldnoah.Zero BD/DVD vol.9
With Extra Episode 6 (Aldnoah Gakuen part 2)

2015-06-21 Aldnoah EXTRA DAY Event at Tokyo DOME City Hall (*)
With Hanae, Ono, Amamiya, Natsukawa, Minase, Murata, Ōhara (side.A) and Hirakawa (side.Z) etc
Key Animations 2/2 and Materials 2/2 made available!! (*)

2015-05-27 Aldnoah.Zero BD/DVD vol.8 (*)
With Extra Episode 5 (Novella about the first interplanetary war)

2015-05-10 June Magazines (*)
Animedia has poster of trio, and interview with Producer Kurosaki Shizuka

2015-05-06 Aldnoah Radio vol.5 on sale (*)
including a special recording with Natsukawa Shiina [Lemrina]
Vol.5 (Hanae and Toyonaga Toshiyuki [Mazuurek]) of the special rental-only CDs also available at TSUTAYA.

2015-05-04 Tokushima Machiasobi East Garden Stage
From 3pm: Staff Talk event with Aoki Ei and producers Nagano Toshiyuki and Kurosaki Shizuka
Before and after: signing event with Aoki Ei; Special Key Animations gallery

2015-04-30~~05-03 AFA in Thailand
Aoki Ei and Minase Inori for an Aldnoah.Zero stage event

2015-04-22 Aldnoah.Zero BD/DVD vol.7 (*)
includes Extra Episode 04 (Inaho, Yuki et al manga)

2015-04-11 Aldnoah Anthology Comic vol.3 released

2015-04-10 May Magazines (*)
Newtype has a 2-page spread with interview with Aoki
Animedia has a 16 page special
Pash! has one page on Slaine and Inaho

Hanae Natsuki [Inaho] guests on the FINAL radio show (#41)

2015-04-01 Aldnoah Radio vol.4 on sale (*)
including a special recording with Misawa Sachie [Rayet]
Vol.4 (Ono and Hirakawa Daisuke [Harklight]) of the special rental-only CDs also available at TSUTAYA.

2015-03-20–22 AnimeJapan 2015 at Tokyo Bigsight (Odaiba)
Materials book 1/2 & Key Animations book 1/2 released (*)

2015-03-18 Aldnoah.Zero BD/DVD vol.6 (*)
With OST2
Interview: Sawano
Also includes application for ticket to event on June 21…

2015-03-12 Aldnoah.Zero S1 Comic version vol.3& Gaiden TWIN GEMINI vol.2

2015-03-10 April Magazines (*)
Animedia has a section on Asseylum's 'love'
Newtype has a 2-page spread with an interview with Takayama
Pash! has an interview with Ono and a few other bits and pieces
There's also an interview somewhere where Aoki(?) talked about the low number of deaths?

2015-02-19 CUT March edition (*)
Includes interviews with Aoki and Amamiya

2015-02-18 Aldnoah Radio vol.2 and vol.3 on sale (*)
Vol.2 includes a special recording with Amamiya Sora and Komatsu Mikako
Vol.3 includes a special recording with Minase Inori and Kakuma Ai
Vol.2 (Amamiya and Minase) and Vol.3 (Hanae and Murata) of the special rental-only CDs also available at TSUTAYA.

2015-02-18 Aldnoah.Zero ED3 single 「Genesis」 on sale
includes ED3 storyboard

Murata Taishi [Calm] guests on the radio show (#34)

2015-02-12 Comic S2 vol.1 released

2015-02-10 March Magazines (*)
Animedia (White day trio spread; 4-way interview with Aoki and cast)
Newtype has 4 pages of Creation Archives
Pash! has an interview with Hanae and a few other bits and pieces

2015-02-09 special in LisAni! vol. 20 (*)
interviews with Sawano, mizuki, Aoki and Aoi Eir

2015-02-04 Aldnoah.Zero OP2 single 「&Z」 on sale (*)
includes DVD with aLIEz music video, OP2 storyboard

Natsukawa Shiina [Lemrina] guests on the radio show (#32)

2015-01-28 BD/DVD vol.5 (*)
includes I-IV's Mechanic Archives
Interview: I-IV

2015-01-10 Aldnoah.Zero S2 begins

2015-01-10 February Magazines (*)
Animedia (beach spread)
Newtype 2-page spread with Inaho and Slaine
Pash! a B2 poster (Slaine) and interview with producer Kurosaki Shizuka

Kakuma Ai [Nina] guests on the radio show (#28)

2015-01-03 Aldnoah Zero Extra Archives

2014-12-28 Maker Oudan Anime Guide 2014 WINTER, released at Winter Comiket (*)
A conversation between Komatsu Mikako, Kakuma Ai, Minase Inori (and they are able to ask Aoki some questions…)

2014-12-27 A/Z REPORT 025 (*, in Japan)
2 magazines published by Harmony, UFE version and Vers version.

2014-12-24 BD/DVD vol.4 on sale (*)
includes Extra Episode 3, an AU drama CD with Slaine transferring into a school full of strange personalities...
Interview: Matsumoto Masako [Character Design]

2014-12-18 Vd/025-1 and Vd/025-2
second cour TV CM v3 and PV

2014-12-14 Vd/024
second cour TV CM v2

2014-12-13 A/Z REPORT 024 (*)
Inaho key visual (Vs/024) and mechanic report
locked item: sound clip of Mizusaki Kaoru (Sd/024)

2014-12-12 S1 Guidebook (*) and Manga Gaiden vol.1 released

2014-12-10 January Magazines
Animedia has a nice full poster of Inaho and Slaine in hakama!!
Pash! also has ST on A/Z in the 'new information' section

2014-11-30 Vd/022+023
second cour TV CM v1

2014-11-26 BD/DVD vol.3 (*)
includes Extra Episode 02 (short story about Inaho and Yuki)
Interview: Takayama Katsuhiko [Series Composition, Screenplay]

Kayano Ai [Darzana Magbaradge] guests on the radio show (#22)

2014-11-22 A/Z REPORT 023 (*)
Asseylum key visual (Vs/023) and character relationships
locked item: sound clip of Asseylum (Sd/023)

2014-11-16 aLIEz Music Video (*)
This is also available in the limited edition of 「&Z」, the OP single for the second cour.

2014-11-15 Talk Event at Ikebukuro, to commemorate BD/DVD release
Hanae and Ono

2014-11-12 Aldnoah.Zero Comic S1 vol.2 released

2014-11-10 December Magazines
Animedia has a spread (with Vs023) (*)
Gen also talks about A/Z in his interview in Newtype (*)
Pash! also has information on A/Z in the 'new info. section'

2014-11-01 special in Febri Volume 25 (*)

2014-10-30 Aldnoah Radio TSUTAYA special rental-only edition (*)
with Hanae Natsuki [Inaho] and Ono Kenshou [Slaine]

2014-10-23 A/Z REPORT 022 (*)
Slaine key visual (Vs/022) and episode guide
locked item: sound clip of Slaine (Sd/022)

2014-10-22 BD/DVD vol.2 (*)
includes Extra Episode 01 (Slaine manga)
'Interview': Urobuchi Gen [Original Story]

2014-10-12 Talk Event at Machiasobi in Tokushima

2014-10-11 Aldnoah Anthology Comic vol.1 released

2014-10-10 special in Animedia and spreads in Newtype (November ed.) (*)

2014-09-30 Aldnoah Radio vol. 1 on sale (*)
includes special recording with Hanae Natsuki [Inaho] and Ono Kenshou [Slaine] as guests

Director Aoki Ei guests on the radio show (#14)

2014-09-25 Sd/021
second cour teaser

2014-09-24 BD/DVD vol.1 (*)
includes Shimura Takako's Character Archives and Count to A/Z
Interview: Aoki Ei [Director]

2014-09-22 Gargantia Event
comments made by Urobuchi Gen on the finale of S1

2014-09-10 Aldnoah Zero Original Soundtrack 1 and ED single on sale
limited edition of ED single 「A/Z|aLIEz」 has DVD with non-credit ED sequences

2014-09-10 spreads in Animedia and Newtype (October ed.)
interesting interview with Ono (If anyone has this, I want it please!)

Komatsu Mikako [Inko] guests on the radio show (#10)
Hanae Natsuki and Amamiya Sora guest on the Anispa radio show

2014-08-25 Bandai Channel releases an interview with Aoki online (*)
The third page is about A/Z

2014-08-25 Japan Expo
Interview with Urobuchi Gen

Hayami Shou [Cruhteo] guests on the radio show (#9)

2014-08-14 Maker Oudan Anime Guide 2014 SUMMER, released at Summer Comiket
Interviews with Hanae and Ono (*)

2014-08-14 ArchiveZ released at Summer Comiket (*)
later made available from Aniplex+ website and Tsutaya
NB: The Tsutaya version only contains books 1 (Settings and Documents) and 2 (the A/Z REPORTS), not book 3 (Urobuchi's original script and Aoki's storyboard).

2014-08-10 spreads in Animedia and Newtype (September ed.) (*)

2014-08-08 LisAni! vol. 18 (*)
Interviews with Kalafina, Sawano and mizuki.

2014-08-06 Aldnoah Zero OP single on sale
includes OP storyboard

2014-07-10 spreads in Animage and Animedia (August ed.s) (*)
incl. interview with Iwakami Atsuhiro (Chief Producer, from Aniplex)

2014-07-05 Aldnoah Zero S1 begins
Hanae Natsuki [Inaho] guests on the radio show (#2)

2014-07-05 Article in Sports Houchi newspaper
pg 26, Saturday Plus section (if anyone has this, I'd really like to have it pls!)

2015-07-05 Special in MdN Aug, reproduced for Special Issue Vol.2
(Anime graphic & design magazine => on the A/Z fonts)

2014-07-03: Anime Expo Panel with Urobuchi

What’s written here is a summary of what the translator said. However, that wasn’t all that Urobuchi actually said, which was:

“This series will start on July 5th. Officially, I’m credited with having written the “original story.” What happened was that, because production overlapped with Kamen Rider (Gaim), I put together the original story and wrote the script up to episode 3, after which I passed the baton to Takayama-san, who’s the ‘scenario writer’. It’s a project that I was involved in from the very start.”

2014-07-03 Vd/008-2
ALDNOAH.ZERO: COUNT TO A/Z, which is one of the extras on BD/DVD vol.1

2014-06-28 Aldnoah Radio begins
Hosted by Amamiya Sora [Asseylum] and Minase Inori [Eddelrittuo]

2014-06-28 Vd/008-1
Second PV

2014-06-28 A/Z REPORT 008 (*)
Magazine about the tension between Earth and Vers, published by Harmony publishing group.
New key visual (Vs/008), with previous key visuals making up the pages of the magazine.
Locked item: the reports written by Wolf Areash

2014-06-22 Vd/003-6
TV CM v6

2014-06-14 A/Z REPORT 007 (*)
Vers side character info and key visuals
Locked items: survival manual and UFE daily rations

2014-06-10 spread in Newtype (July ed.)

2014-06-08 Vd/003-5
TV CM v5

2014-05-31 A/Z REPORT 006 (*)
Earth side character info and key visuals
Locked item: diagram of Earth’s population

2014-05-25 Vd/003-4
TV CM v4

2014-05-11 Vd/003-3
TV CM v3

2014-05-10 First magazine spread in Newtype (June ed.) (*)

2014-05-10 A/Z REPORT 005 (*)
Contains the history of Vers that is taught on Earth. However, Wolf Areash has noted that there are details that the Earth government has left out in order to present Vers as the party at fault.
Takayama Katsuhiko (Series Composition)’s interview (= Tx/005) included.
Locked items: Vers flag and image of Mars surface

2014-04-26 Vd/003-2
TV CM v2

2014-04-19 A/Z REPORT 004
Mecha designer I-IV’s interview (= Tx/004) included.
Wolf Areash’s report is about the Kats created by Earth.
The locked item on the website is the United Forces of Earth (UFE) flag.

2014-04-13 Vd/003-1
TV CM v1

2014-03-24 Vd/002
First PV

2014-03-22 AnimeJapan A/Z Stage Event, Tokyo Big Sight Blue Stage, 11.40am — 12.15pm
Main cast (Hanae, Ono, Amamiya) announced; first PV screened.
Urobuchi Gen’s interview (= Tx/002), main cast key visuals (Vs/003 x 3) and cast comments (= Tx/003) included in leaflet (A/Z REPORT 002+003 (*)) distributed at the event. Wolf Areash’s second report about (~~~) is dated to March 22, 2014. Inaho’s timetable and student card are also included to show that history classes in Japan now cover more world history, and that they have military practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays (these can be unlocked by entering the decode key on the website).

2014-03-20 Yomiuri Shimbun article about AnimeJapan
Incorrectly(?) says that Gen is responsible for the scripts…
Has interesting bit about how he’d been really impressed by the ending twist of “Megazone 23,” where the protagonist lost to his enemy, but survived and stood up again, looking forward to the future.

2014-03-02 A/Z REPORT 001 (*)
Director Aoki Ei’s interview (= Tx/001) included.
Report by Wolf Areash, on what the situation is like on Earth (most people have gotten too used to the false peace etc).

2014-02-16 Vs/001
Project announced, website opened, first key visual unveiled in Shibuya (QFRONT).
Aoki = director, Urobuchi = original story, A-Pictures and TROYCA = animation.
More information to be announced at AnimeJapan stage event, Tokyo Big Sight, on March 22.
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