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A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 17)

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Dawn of Intrigue, indeed. Hm…I guess the idea that this was “the beginning of the end” may have been right? Anyways, I found this to be a pretty slow episode, but fascinating all the same. Inaho starts to move, and perhaps Slaine’s plans are starting to fray at the edges?

Also, might be interesting to note that the screenplay for this episode is credited to Sekine Ayumi, who is responsible for the manga and short story extras that come with some of the DVDs. Ōnishi Shinsuke did the one for episode 16. Takayama is still responsible for series composition, and has written episodes 4-15, but it seems like he's been delegating scriptwriting duties too, huh?

  • Inaho has been customising the firmware of the analytical engine to have even greater neural linkage. The risk of it affecting his brain — in what ways? It’s frightening that they don’t give us more clues about this…is this going to be one of the side effects that he ends up saddled with after the war? If he even survives, that is.

  • That scene between Inaho and Yuki…it’s good, but it also hurts. His emotions have been showing more this season, but just in that one scene, we probably see as much as we’ve seen in the preceding four episodes: the twitch in his hand, his changing facial expressions. There’s sadness, frustration, regret and determination. It shows how much Inaho has changed — in the first season, he always tried to deny that he was fighting for Asseylum, even though his actions increasingly said otherwise. Now, he’s come right out to say that he wants to save her. And he still calls her “Seylum-san.” 確かに、尊いです。 But at the same time, it’s really sad to see how much pain this puts Yuki in. Even if Inaho’s the greatest single asset that the Earth forces have, even though he has such an important reason to fight, he’s still her kid brother, the brother who she’s raised, who she would give her life to protect. The brother who almost died, under her watch, 19 months earlier. I think she’ll come around to support him fully, no matter how much it hurts. And no matter how much he cares for Asseylum, I still think that Yuki would be the loss that Inaho would really beat himself up over, especially if she does it to save him. So all I hope for is that this isn’t the last time they really speak to each other.

  • (2015-02-09) It's also quite interesting in contrast to Yuki's attitude in episodes 4 and 9, where she's actively supporting Inaho's interest in the princess (NB: for Japanese learners, the word pair is 玉の輿/逆玉 for women/men marrying into money respectively). In the end, Inaho's life still matters more to her than anything. Unfortunately, it's Seylum that matters more for Inaho now...

  • Marito is still edgy around Darzana, though she’s definitely trying to be more supportive. Still can’t believe that Yagarai has prescribed drinking for a former alcoholic though…

  • The ‘interrogation’ scene was fascinating. Interestingly, Mazuurek accurately described not what pigs are subjected to when slaughtered, but rather, how they would feel. The process typically involves first knocking the animals out through one of the following: electric current, a bolt pistol to the head, or inhalation of CO2. The latter is what the count was referring to: when you’re suffering from lack of oxygen, one of the ways you know is that your hands and feet start to feel cold.

  • Must admit, I’m a little puzzled by the line “She was on this ship.” I though the count was being held at the base, rather than on the Deucalion? Or was he shifted to the Deucalion for Inaho’s interrogation (which makes no sense to me, personally)?

  • Inaho’s interaction with Mazuurek also has lots of points of connection with things that happened in the first cour. (1) Unlike with Slaine, Inaho clarifies that they weren’t using Asseylum; they were cooperating with her. Though I’d put this down more to different circumstances, as opposed to Inaho having learnt from that previous encounter. (2) The exact question that Slaine put to Cruhteo: “Have you sworn fealty to Princess Asseylum?” But the circumstances are completely different: Inaho is in control, and he can tell if Mazuurek is lying or not. And that’s why he can easily choose to trust him. If Slaine could only have trusted Cruhteo, things might be very different now. But fate and circumstance had it otherwise… (3) Unlike Slaine in EP7, Mazuurek has also decided to trust Inaho. Did Inaho manage to convince him about Asseylum because he saw through the lie about the Aldnoah drive? Rayet coming in with her story may have helped, but the count looked like he was well on the way to believing it before then. (4) And Inaho has entrusted Mazuurek with Asseylum’s life, whereas he didn't seem particular keen to rely on others in the first cour...

  • The way that Inaho tried to help Rayet is interesting. She hated herself, for continuing to hate Martians and wanting to take revenge on them — just like the Martians themselves. So he gave her another opportunity to do so, so as to prove that she was not like them. Now…is Inko’s “Inaho, why?” about why he let Mazuurek go, or about why he involved Rayet but not her? これ、ややこしくなるかもね。But that look on Darzana’s face…suggests that she suspects that Inaho might have been behind it… (NB: given what she said in EP15 about supporting what Inaho wants to do, I doubt she'd report him. Though given that the line was "if you want to fight," I could be mistaken about that?) Alternatively, was the entire Deucalion crew in on it, except with a last minute change for Inaho getting Rayet to help him directly? Not quite as likely, methinks...will we find out next episode?

  • So Mazuurek’s Kataphrakt remains with the Earth forces, but with it’s Aldnoah drive offline. It’s another gravity manipulator. We also found out that the person who activated an Aldnoah drive can also shut it down, though it’s unclear whether that person can start it up again if they’re not of the royal family. Will we found out more about Inaho’s Aldnoah rights in upcoming episodes? Is it the same as what Lemrina granted Slaine, or is it different?

  • Slaine’s interaction with Eddelrittuo in this episode was quite sad. Though I don’t find it creepy, because Slaine was actually telling Eddelrittuo about the birds on Earth, I did find it rather disconcerting when he placed his hand on the tank holding Asseylum when saying that people cage birds up “because they are so very beautiful.” With the video switching to Lemrina, and Count Marylcian subsequently enlightening her to her status as he sees it, the obvious allusion is to that fake princess. However, in one sense, it also alludes to Asseylum, from whom the harsher realities of Vers and Earth had always been hidden. And also to Asseylum now, a beautiful symbol whose isn’t free to work for what she truly believes in.

  • Doubt has been placed into Lemrina’s heart, leading her to invite Marylcian and Barouhcruz to the Moon Base without Slaine’s knowledge. And this has led to a duel between Marylcian and Slaine. I expect Slaine to win…and thus, to come out with more supporters than before. Especially amongst the lower classes of Vers, even if other counts may still be wary of him. What I’m more interested in, however, is what happens when Mazuurek comes back…

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