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Aldnoah.Zero 19 & KimiUso 18 -- translation misses

Well...this was a bad week for professional anime translators, at least for the shows I'm watching. First, at least three misses in KimiUso. And then another four in Aldnoah.Zero -- two of them pretty major too.

Starting with Aldnoah.Zero

Marito: (The brass) are doing the best they can.
Darzana: I’m not complaining about how they’re using the Deucalion. They’re underestimating them.
Marito: Them?
Darzana: The Martians. The war has tilted slightly in our favour, but the brass seem to be wildly misinterpreting it.

NB: This one is difficult to render into English without making Marito sound stupid. When Darnaza first brings it up, she doesn’t specify the Martians as the group that the UFE brass is underestimating, so Marito actually replies with “(They’re underestimating) us?”. However, whilst leaving the object of ‘underestimate’ is possible in Japanese, it’s not possible in English (grammatically speaking)…

Slaine: She will wake up soon. I know it.
Harklight: I eagerly await that day, my lord.
Slaine: However…it is also something I fear. (恐ろしくもある)
Harklight: My lord?

Mazurek: ...there are even suspicions that he also killed Lord Saazbaum-
Barouhcruz: Where...did you hear that? (Actually 'who (said that)?' 誰が)

Slaine: Contact Count Zebrin, Count Rafia and Count Olga. Tell them to swear fealty prove their fealty to me.

I suppose this last one might have been due to the way the script was written. If there were fullstops after each Count’s name, it’s easy to see how a translator working from the script could have misread it. (Could have used some initiative though: how likely is it that Slaine would be ordering Zebrin and Rafia to tell Olga to swear fealty? Especially since it was noted slightly earlier in the episode that neither had pledged allegiance yet!)

edited 2015-04-07, after I went back to check a bit more carefully.

And on to KimiUso (I added two other bits I would have translated differently too...)

Nagi: Listen closely! Respond simultaneously! Sink your teeth into him, into Arima Kousei! (有馬公生に食らい付け!)

Well...that's probably the most literal translation I can come up with. Other variations I'm considering include "Latch onto him" and "Sink your claws into him"...

Nagi: After all, his hands were so warm. And each and every moment we've shared is so nostalgic.

Nagi: Don't lose your way! Don't doubt yourself! (悩むな!)

Nagi: Just like that day, let me chase after you once again! (Because you're) my hero!

Nagi: Were you able to give her that punch?
Kousei: Yes. I think so... To that person I can't forget.

He's referring to how Kawori in episode 17 tells him that he should just forget about her. When talking about 'unforgettable performances', it's actually about that moment of fulfilment where they realise how much their performance has captured the hearts of their audience.

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