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A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 21)

LOLOLOL. The scene where Lemrina as Asseylum confronts Asseylum herself…at the recording studio, Hanae apparently teased Amamiya after the practice/timing run: “And you’ll be showing us the difference between the two of them just through your acting, right?” which made her really nervous! Amamiya and Minase: “What a horrible guy!” “And he’s said similar things at at the recording for another show that we’re working on! Then when I point out how mean he’s being, he just says ‘Well, we’re pretty close right? That’s why I can say this kind of thing!’” なんか、花江君未だに念を持っているね!まあ、まだ超スレイン押しだからね、雨宮さんは…

The other thing that really amused me in this radio episode was the “Aldnoah AU” section. The first one was a crazy Cinderella with Eddelrittuo as the title character, Slaine as the prince, and Inaho as...the fairy godmother. XD The second situation presented was the A/Z cast of characters going to a mixer (Inaho, Slaine, Calm, Cruhteo, Saazbaum; and Asseylum, Eddelrittuo, Inko, Rayet, Nina):

  • Cruhteo and Saaz fight all night
  • Nina falls in love with Slaine at first sight
  • Calm has words of praise for all the girls
  • Inko finds herself interested in Inaho
  • Rayet doesn't seem to be into it, but is also drawn to Inaho
  • Eddelrittuo, as always, is there keeping an eye on Asseylum
  • Slaine glances shyly at Asseylum from time to time
  • And Inaho and Asseylum's eyes meet from time to time, but they don't get any further than that...

They're both huge Slaine fans, but for some reason, what they found really cute here was how Rayet acted, and also the very last one: like "Slaine is always trying his best, but somehow just doesn't catch Asseylum's eye. And if he does, it's just a little smile anyway. But when Inaho and Asseylum's eyes meet, it's like 'ah..!' *squeals*"

What's with that weird duality? Some male fans on my twitter timeline like InaXAse because of how cute Asseylum is when she's within Inaho, but the two of you are definitely Slaine fans, right? Do you like to see Slaine in a frustrating situation? Is it the sadist in Amamiya coming out? (@_@;;)


Moving on...the new counts have all been added to the website, so I’ve taken the spelling of their names from there. As for their Kataphrackts, I’ve taken them from the Japanese wikipedia page—though I think the spelling might still be unconfirmed.

  • I thought that Rafia and Sebrin were pretty smart in combining their Kataphrackts into a single fighting unit. Sebrin’s comment about colloids is about how to clear dispersed particles from the medium they’re floating in (wiki), and running a charge through the medium is indeed one way to do that. Don’t know how the invisibility can be extended though…but at least even Inaho didn’t expect that.

  • A little bit crazy how Inaho can analyse and make use of enemy attack patterns in such a short space of time. Would have been nice to see him being a little more hesitant about using the other teams as data for that analysis though… Ah well, it’s war after all, and he was the one who took on the main attack role too. Loved how it was Nina (and a few others?) piloting the transport. Connecting to the Electris to eliminate the electrical differential was also very smart. Though I’m not entirely sure why Rafia didn’t fire another arrow at Inaho after Sebrin was taken down…whilst her damaged leg meant that she probably wouldn’t have gotten away, what was she waiting for?

  • Ortygia: the duplication is via quantum physics. Just how much powerful are those Aldnoah drives? And if they’re that powerful, then why didn’t the Vers royalty and the counts use them to really develop Mars, replicate food etc. The guidebook suggests that there are limits to what the power is able to do, but honestly, if it can duplicate an entire Kataphrackt and its pilot, such that all the duplicates are ‘real’, then why can’t it be used to duplicate some of the resources that Vers needed, including food and water? And if they are real, then what happens to them after the battle is over? 高山さん、第2期のガイドブックでkwskください!

  • Must admit that I’m a little disappointed that none of the Earth side characters have died yet…though perhaps that’s because the creators figured that Inaho would change in ways that didn’t suit their story if that were to happen? At least they are compensating for it with real damage to him though: his left eye has gone completely red…meaning that there’s bleeding inside his head… And we don’t know just how bad it is — it’s worse then us when our eyes are red, because that’s due to just a few small (surface) blood vessels in our eyes bursting. In Inaho’s case, the redness that we’re seeing would have to come from the back and sides of his eye socket, and it’s all red. Ow ow owwwwww… I’m still a bit afraid that Inko and Yuki might die…but I think I’m more afraid for Inaho now…

Aldnoah_21-02 Aldnoah_21-01

  • Well, all up, I still found the battle pretty interesting (edit: even though I'm rolling my eyes at how the counts decided to engage the Earth forces on an open plain. The urban setting from 19 and 20 was much better suited to their Kat specialities. Or perhaps it's better to say that it reduces their vulnerabilities). They also used the aftermath to emphasise another contrast between Inaho and Slaine: whilst the former acknowledges that he can do what he does only because of the support he receives from everyone around him, the latter is forging ahead alone, because he has alienated them with his goal and methods…

  • And so, the person that Asseylum was pointing her gun at was indeed Slaine! Darned creators though: you said at the Tokushima Machiasobi that you wouldn’t actually depict that scene! Unless it was reported incorrectly??? (NB: After that scene where the two princesses met, it seemed pretty obvious that it was Asseylum disguised as Lemrina, even without her giving Inaho’s answer for why people go to war.)

  • And of course, she was never going to shoot... And Slaine has now declared that he is no no longer a subject of Vers...

  • And now, we know Slaine’s goal: to create a peaceful world by assimilating the people of Earth, or destroying them. For conflict breaks out because there is someone to fight against. I understand the logic…but it doesn’t actually work. For if everyone chooses to continue fighting instead of being assimilated—which people will do because to surrender to such a conquerer would mean giving up their sense of themselves—then the only way peace will be guaranteed is if there is just one person left. Of course, that’s actually an extreme that people are unlikely to reach. But what Slaine is forgetting, or ignoring, is that the way he is going about this—invading and destroying—is highly likely to lead to people rising up against him, whether from amongst the defeated and ‘assimilated’ enemy, or from amongst the unhappy people within his own society... (The alternative is that he's trying to go down Lelouch's path - uniting everyone against him. I'm not too fond of that idea, personally: there can only be one Lelouch...)

  • edit: and the worst part is that Slaine still says he is doing it for Asseylum, even though she has clearly informed him that this is not what she wants. Does he really think it is still good for her if she doesn't want it? It was one thing when Saazbaum and the other counts used her 'death' in order to start the war. But now, she is going to have to live with the knowledge that millions of people died because someone wanted to fulfil her dream for a world of peace. So Slaine has to recognise that it is no longer actually for Asseylum, right? What is it for then? Can it be for his own desire that no one has to go through what he (and Asseylum, Lemrina, Harklight and all the other people who have been hurt by this conflict) has gone through? But that also doesn't make sense, because he's putting them all through that experience in order to achieve that world. So, delusional as it may seem, I think Slaine truly believes in his way of fulfilling Asseylum's dream. (The only alternative is the Lelouch path...) Either way, he is hurting her just as much as he is hurting himself. I hope he realises that.

  • And this is the theme of Aldnoah.Zero, I suppose: why do wars occur, and thus, how can we prevent them? I can tell you now that A/Z is not going to be able to provide the answer: the people in my field of work have been struggling with this problem for over a century now!

  • So, what’s next? Lemrina, Asseylumm and Eddelrittuo have seemingly been removed from the field, though politically, neither princess would have made any difference anyway, as Inaho pointed out a few episodes earlier. And Mazuurek hasn’t found out what Slaine’s objective is…so he can’t let Inaho know… But the creators have thrown another spanner in the works, with Cruhteo’s son, Klancain. I’m a bit surprised that they’ve introduced another count this late in the game, though I suppose his connection to Cruhteo makes it a tiny bit less disconcerting. edit (2015-03-10): The other thing about this new face, however, is that his role seems to be in illuminating one of the final mysteries in this series, the nature of Aldnoah. Dr Troyard seems to have left records of his research on Vers: will we finally get a peak at what he found?

  • It also seems like the Deucalion will be going to space for the final battle, with a new catapult so that it can launch its Kataphrackts by itself. Also of note is that Vs/034 is a diagram of Vers and Earth…does this mean we’re going to Mars? Must admit, I’m a bit dubious, because even Vers transports take 2 months to get to Mars… Perhaps that visual is just about Klancain's journey to Earth...

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