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A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 22)

The action's ramping up now. Just two episodes left, and there are so many open threads that I really don't know how this is going to end! As for the radio show, perhaps it's just me, but I feel like Amamiya was a little subdued, because Slaine has changed so much: everything that he's experienced has hardened his heart to this extent...

In other news...I ordered my first A/Z BDs...5 and 6. Don't ask me why I ordered just those two pls... (^^;;)

  • Klancain and Slaine. I'm a bit miffed that Klancain didn't mention anything about Dr. Troyard even though he name-dropped him at the end of last episode: like what was the point then? But it was still very interesting how both were sussing the other out. From his clenched fist when he saw the Tharsis, we can see that Klancain is not fine with Slaine using it — I wonder if word got to him that Saazbaum was the one who killed his father? Of course, that wasn’t Slaine’s fault…he just unfortunately chose to make a bargain with the devil, so-to-speak. And the dual meaning hidden behind all of Slaine’s words: “I learned a great many lessons from him. I would not be the man I am today were it not for him.” It’s also very interesting that we don’t see Klancain taking a single sip of that tea…really representing how he doesn’t trust Slaine, huh?

And this shot clearly shows that he really didn't drink any...

  • Darzana and Inaho on the same page: the UFE’s real objective with this plan is to assassinate the princess. And the solution is to send your best pilot to try and prevent that? Inaho…you’re an idiot you know: you really need to stop hiding your problem, because you’re no good to anyone if it incapacitates you!

  • Asseylum’s answer to Lemrina’s question: “My heart belongs to the world of Vers and the people who dwell there.” Which elicits pity from Lemrina. (Well, that’s what the Animedia article said about her right there: she is not free to love anyone she chooses given her position as a royal)

  • An aside: I bet the critics of Asseylum are just rolling their eyes, but that would leave me rolling my eyes at them: establishing peace and friendship is the first step towards trade, which would have helped Vers. The only question would have been whether Asseylum could have offered the only thing of value that Vers has: Aldnoah… Anyway, that’s a whole other question.

  • I find it a little weird that Slaine has now moved the princesses to Lemrina's waiting room at the Moon Base -- I thought they were meant to be kept in their rooms? Anyways, it's the base that the UFE infiltrate, with Inko also dropping Inaho off too. Now if Yuki was there too, then she followed them instead of staying with the Deucalion and attacking the castle. Loved the Inko-Inaho scene: Inaho, you may be trying to keep them out of harm's way, but they also want to make sure you come back alive. So just accept that, will you! One thing I’m a little disgruntled about here is just how incompetent the Stygis pilots seem to be. Sure, Yuki and Inko have had far more experience, given that Slaine has had his forces cooped up at the moon base…but surely they can give a little more fight than that?

  • So Asseylum dropped the pendant as they were fleeing, and didn’t notice it? And Lemrina! I’m glad that you are showing how kind you can actually be, trying to make sure that you aren’t a burden to your sister and Eddelrittuo even though you can see that they both don’t want to leave you behind. Please don’t tell me you intend to use the hologram again and get them to kill ‘Asseylum’? If you do that, the hologram would stop working anyway, so they’d find out about the ruse soon enough!

Finally, a genuine smile...?

  • And just as in episode 17 (the interrogation cf. Episode 8), we have a scene that recalls another from the first half of the series. This time, however, it involves the same two people that the original scene did, except that their positions have been reversed: this time, Slaine actually is using Asseylum, and pretty much admits to it. Needless to say, Inaho is not amused. But some other things haven’t changed: here, once again, it’s Slaine that shoots first…though of course, the circumstances are very different. Similarly, Inaho shows that he’s still head and shoulders above Slaine in terms of knowing how to use the field of battle. Sure he might have a cheat that helps him detect things that he can use, but it’s not like the thermal pipes were in the frame when he got the analytical engine to turn the heat signature on: he had to look for it.

  • But the most interesting thing about that encounter was this, from Slaine: “If you were just an enemy, there would have been no need to hate you.” So…why do you hate him? Is there something you still haven’t told us…? Don’t you dare tell me that what your haters have been spouting is true!! To be honest, I still don’t think you were actually jealous in episode 12…but perhaps the seed sprouted when you overheard Asseylum remembering her time with Inaho on Earth? And bloomed when she pointed her gun at you? The soil that it’s been nurtured in is certainly rich—a product of how the fortunes of chance have never really swung your way, and the lack of trust that it instilled in you. Are you truly past the point of no return, Slaine?

  • Egads…the analytical engine can take over Inaho's thought processes and speech patterns? That’s just crazy…and reflects just how dangerous it is for him to keep using it, as the pain he’s been experiencing shows. (LOLOLOL at robotic Hanae though — fun!)

  • Asseylum’s “I also think of you as a part of myself” has set the shipping wars going, especially given a blurb from Animedia this month that, besides what I wrote above, basically said that ‘Asseylum’s love is basically agape directed at humanity’ and that ‘whilst Inaho and Slaine are special to her, it’s probably something different from “romantic love”'. That magazine, however, was released last week…and it’s pretty difficult to explain her leaving her necklace, those tears AND the way she held Inaho’s hand to her face if her feelings for him really aren’t romantic love…whether she's aware of it or not (NB: Though I honestly don’t expect them to end up together…unless they both survive and the Vers political system is completely changed. I think that both of them are realistic in that sense, understanding that she really isn’t free to love anyone she chooses). Poor Amamiya: I sense a Tanaka Rie and Athrun situation for you…


  • Actually, I take that back: given how you keep fangirling about Slaine at the expense of all the other characters, I don’t sympathise with you at all :p

  • Asseylum’s ‘I have one more favour to ask’ is obviously pertaining to Slaine. Knowing her personality, I think that her request is quite likely to be about ‘saving Slaine’, who we see picking up the pendant she dropped. A reminder to him of her dream, which came from him? Or will it become a symbol for him of how that dream is now broken?

  • And another twist: it’s Klancain who comes to Asseylum’s aid. And they recognise each other from a meeting back during Cruhteo’s commendation ceremony. Perhaps the people suggesting that he is a candidate to be her political marriage partner were right… And now he too knows that Slaine was lying, not only about Asseylum not feeling well, but also about the new kingdom being her desire.

  • So, what’s next? Klancain’s shuttle is still there, so they might be able to escape in it. Alternatively, they could still try to call Inko and escape that way, but Inko and the rest of the Deucalion’s forces are probably fighting for their lives against Barouhcruz and Harklight. So I’m guessing that the former is more likely: but if so, then where will they go? To the Deucalion? Or to Mazuurek’s castle on Earth? But a darker thought: can Klancain really be trusted? He’s completely loyal to the Emperor, so it would seem: does that necessarily mean that he’ll be loyal to Asseylum? And was help really coming for Inaho?

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