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A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 23)

Last one? Or will I do another next week before I go about wrapping up my experience of A/Z? Must admit...I'll probably be spending a few more months on this anyway! In the first place, the BDs are still being released with their little extras, and there's an event in June too! And one more: this week, there was no mention of Hanae being on the next radio show? The twitter account announced that he would be the final guest, on the last show. Does that mean that, although the series itself ends next week, it looks the radio show will have a little while more to go... Hm...I guess that does make sense, since these shows seems to be recorded about a few days in advance. They've got to give the audience some time to react to what happens in the series finale!

  • OMG OMG!! Shimura-sensei drew the new ED’s animation!!!!! And the final image is based on one of the pics she drew for her A/Z Countdown in January! Does that final image signify hope that they will finally come together in the end? And that song is a vocalised version of 「AL℃-@」, Asseylum's theme, after all! And there was no opening…I guess they found that they wanted to fit a lot more into this episode. Will there be no opening again next week?
"We can get along together."

  • LOL: called it! (“And was help really coming for Inaho?”) The frigging analytical engine is capable of lying! And he expanded its domain after all, against Yagarai’s advice, to the point of ceding a part of his brain to it. No danger to his life, but it’s putting a strain on his cranial nerves. Which means what? Potential damage to his brain, I guess. And the pain that this causes has to be pretty unimaginable, given that look on his face when he called Inko to pick him up. After all, this is the guy who crawled over to Asseylum in episode 12 with a broken arm and leg, and still managed to crack a smile after that! (NB: revealed in the Key Animation book that is being sold at AnimeJapan2015…I kinda want that book…)

  • “We will launch an all-out offensive against the entire Earth. They will know how it feels to have nowhere to go home to.”
Slaine…why so bitter?

  • Ah-ah…I have no words for the Inaho-Yuki scene… When I first saw the few shots from it in the preview, my heart almost gave out…actually watching it, I’ve just about died and gone to heaven… (so-to-speak ^^; ) But Yuki-nee, that’s a death flag, a death flag!! They even went so far as to have Inaho point it out!

  • OMG! They finally used 「aズ-17歩」, in the Inko-Calm-Inaho scene! And what a scene—it’s been ages since we’ve seen them together, episode 3, right?
Aldnoah_23-06 Aldnoah_23-05
Aldnoah_23-08 Aldnoah_23-07
There won't be another miracle like last time!
I don't want...to go through that again.
I can't be the only one taking it easy.
He's right, Inko.
At a time like this, the kindest thing to do is say nothing and see him off.
Besides, we ought to be more worried about ourselves right now. Compared to Inaho, our odds of survival are probably lower, you know?
(etc etc...ああもう、尊いですね...)
  • And I can’t wait to see what the heck Inaho asked Calm to equip his Sleipnir with!

AldnoahZero_Inaho_04 Aldnoah_23-10
It's hard to see, but it is there, that slight smile!
  • I had a suspicion because of episode 3, and yes, you can see the faint smile he has when he picks up Asseylum's necklace. Soram and Inorittuo also confirm this on the radio!

  • Slaine and Inaho actually do very little this episode: after sleeping for half the season, it’s finally Asseylum’s turn, and she turns to her grandfather…

  • But he’s dying and delusional, and has a grudge against Earth…why? Because Gilzeria was killed on Earth? But he asked for Gilzeria the very next line, so that suggests something deeper, that that grudge/distrust started earlier. Could it be because he could not trust the rulers of Earth at the time when he discovered Aldnoah: “Aldnoah is the technology we dreamed of... It will make mankind happy. (Yes) It is a great power. It must not be misused. Nurture it with care.” Quite possible: after all, the Cold War had been occurring until then. It’s not difficult to imagine that the rulers of Earth might end up using Aldnoah to continue their enmity against each other. Even more interesting is what he says to Asseylum, which I believe the translator has misinterpreted again: "Become a fine princess, and lead mankind to happiness." He didn't say 'the people of Vers', or 'our country's people', just "hito," repeating the word that was earlier translated as "mankind." So the suggestion is that even Rayregalia only had the best interests of humanity in mind. But if so, it’s incredibly ironic that the ‘state’ he created ended up is the one that set off this interplanetary conflict.

  • And Asseylum’s decision: she succeeds Rayregalia and will take Count Cruhteo (Klancain) as her husband!! Makes sense, especially after Animedia April’s comment that "As royalty, Asseylum isn't free to love whom she pleases." Makes me wonder if what she said to Inaho is that "Slaine is also a part of me" or something along those lines... And apparently, in the voiceover script, it’s stated that the moment that the audience ended is the moment that she became an adult. (And side note: heheh…interrupting a broadcast with another one — heh! Gundam!)
Aldnoah_23-03 Aldnoah_23-01
Such different reactions, huh?

  • Does that mean death flags for Inaho and Slaine? To be frank…EVERYONE on the Earth side raised a death flag in this episode: not just Yuki and Inaho, but also Marito, Rayet, Inko, Calm, even Nina… And that look on his face when he was with Calm and Inko…I betcha he lied about them all being able to come back safely (mostly about himself, though…) もう!あおき監督、お願い!伊奈帆、ユキと韻子を生かせてください!

  • /end tangent! Asseylum also declares that the Vers royal family wishes to make peace with Earth. Now, as Inaho noted a few episodes ago, and as Klancain stated outright this episode, this will not end the war…though perhaps any remaining Vers royalists will return to her side? But Lemrina is still with Slaine…she seems to have accepted that Slaine’s actions will not bring him closer to his objective, but will she still aid him because she really loves him?

  • As for the Earth side, its leaders are probably unlikely to heed her words either, but the Deucalion could very well switch over… But even then, I honestly haven't a clue how in the world they're going to get them to stop the fighting. I would imagine that any knights remaining on Slaine's side will have to be taken down, as will Slaine himself. So if the Earth leaders also choose to ignore the current Asseylum, then the Cruhteo faction is going to have to be pretty sizeable!

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