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"Yonaga Tsubasa has also become a married woman, huh?"

I don't follow seiyuu as closely as I used to several years ago, but seiyuu marriages are big news amongst fans, so I eventually do hear about them most of the time. This time, it was twitter that told me that Yonaga Tsubasa and Nishigaki Yuka had tied the knot. But what really amused me was what the tweet said, which was that rather than the typical "It's unforgiveable that he got married!", the reactions were generally along the lines of "Yonaga Tsubasa has also become a married woman, huh?" and "Hang on, isn't Yonaga Tsubasa a woman?"

That was a few weeks ago though, so why am I only blogging about it now? Well, since the weekend when a certain character in Arslan Senki dressed up as a young girl in order to gather information (to the acclaim and amusement of the staff and cast, as we find out on twitter and the 9th radio show!), I've tried to remember all the seiyuu I've ever heard put on a female voice. And I don't mean just taking on female mannerisms, as is generally done in the Momo & Grapes Mens Only Series), I mean them actually putting on a female voice. And here's the list I came up with:

Sakurai Takahiro - Uki in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Miyata Kouki - Red Squirrel Mama in Shirokuma Cafe
Morikawa Toshiyuki - Panda Mama in Shirokuma Cafe

These three did older women though, which isn't all that difficult. So who else is there? Well, FukuJun with Kotori-chan in WORKING!!...but he didn't actually change his voice at all (and it worked, too!). But we're getting closer. In fact, the most famous example is probably from one of his co-stars from that show: Kamiya Hiroshi. After listening to that clip for the first time, I remember wondering why they hadn't simply had him voice Tieria when he went masqueraded as a woman in Gundam 00! (Though IIRC, they did leave it to him on the drama CDs... And in case anyone's interested, here's a compilation of all the famous ones HiroC's done...)

But then, I remembered that Yonaga-san himself also took on a female role in the first of the Mens Only Series, and until now, remains the only person in the history of that line of CDs to have literally put on a girl's voice... But that's not the end of it: in fact, whilst Nishigaki-san is known for doing boyish voices, Yonaga-san's quite famous for doing girly voices! Just a little warning though: most of this collection had me covering my ears -- I'm really not the biggest fan of the squeaky cute Japanese girl persona... *sweatdrops*


In all seriousness though, many congratulations to the happy couple! (^_^;; )
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