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Notes on Sound! Euphonium episode 10...

For some reason, I decided to take notes on this, because there was so much going on. Not sure if I'll do this for the rest of the episodes though...


Kumiko and her sempai/Natsuki-sempai: her trauma really comes from that; that’s what she’s been struggling with the past few months (NB: this was touched on in episode 9 too)
Reina was at the same junior high: is this why she knew that Kumiko would share her feelings of frustration about ‘having to go along’ with hierarchy and all that?

Reina likes Taki-sensei, as the hints have been pointing towards. Will the shipping finally die down so that viewers can discuss what the show is actually about? Doubt it.

“Hazu” for “hazukashii” -- is this slang common now? Last time I interacted with Japanese teenagers (~2010), I'd heard of "omoroi" for "omoshiroi" and "mazu" for "mazui"...methinks I've gotta catch up on my slang!

Interesting that the ad-break eye-catch is of the euphoniums. I figured we’d have seen them in episode 12, given the title of “My Euphonium.”

Midori: “Isn’t there anything we can do about this mood?”
Hazuki: “Are you saying she should give up her solo part?”
Midori: I think that it might be necessary…
Haruki: Why? Kousaka-san didn’t do anything wrong.
Midori: “I know that too, but it isn’t worth letting things get so tense.”
They even spell it right out: this is the way that ‘harmony’ in Japanese society is maintained. It’s unfair, unreasonable and downright stupid. But unfortunately, that’s the way most of Japan still works.

Michie-sensei works in a very subtle way. Suggesting to Kumiko that she should focus on enjoying music; and to Taki that he should find a way to let all the students hear the difference in ability for themselves.

Taki really loses his temper when he finds the students fooling around. I suppose the pressure he felt about the rumours of favouritism added to that?

Kaori can't accept the result for herself. Meaning she can’t accept that she’s not good enough to do the solo part?

Asuka-sempai: I think she really means it when she says that she doesn’t care who does the solo. In the sense that it’s an issue of ‘the person who’s best should do it, that’s all’. But she wants everyone to face music seriously. (Hm…reminds me a little of something that is happening in the arc currently being covered in the Ace of the Diamond anime.) Is that the reason she treats Kumiko somewhat differently from the rest of bass part members?

I love it how Kumiko comes out and asks Asuka what most other underclassmen would never dare to ask. You can see why she and Reina really understand each other.

And the words tatemae and honne (public facade and true feelings) are used right in the show itself. This is what Sound! Euphonium is all about!

Also loved how Haruka decided to take charge of the situation, as a president should.

To me, the proposal of redoing the audition—in front of all the members this time—makes complete sense. Taki needs to find a way to dispel the rumours that he’s just favouring Reina, and the only way to do that is to show all of the students that she is indeed better than Kaori. The difference is actually pretty clear. Remember how Reina played parts of the solo so sweetly in episodes 6 and 7? We hear in this episode that Kaori still has problems with it, especially with the high parts. We’ll see what happens next week, but if the members of the band still argue that Kaori should play the solo part after hearing what I suspect will be a clear difference in ability, that will clearly show that it’s the students who are playing favourites.
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