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Sound! Euphonium episode commentaries, disc 1 (brief notes)

Staff #1 Ishihara and Yamada (Episode Director)
  • Lots of the staff were actually former members of the Concert Band (~20)
  • Ishihara bought a euphonium (for reference) — still can’t play it
  • Kumiko really gives off the vibe of a ‘younger sister’. Someone who’s seen the trouble her older sibling has gotten into and is thus trying to be a good little kid
  • The director and Yamada also like the way that she speaks to Shuuichi and to her family (they really praise Tomoyan’s voice work)

Cast #1 (The quartet)
  • Ayachuu and Tomoyan really like Shuuichi; Chikapet loves Taki-sensei
  • They frame the way they talk about Shuuichi as being representative of their ‘love’ for him.
  • They describe Asuka as ‘sexy’ (エロい)

Staff #2 Ishihara and Harada (Series Composition)
  • They really love the way Kurosawa voiced Kumiko — she’s like a real HS student…
  • The most difficult thing about the series composition was figuring out when to include rehearsal scenes. For example, the “Sunfest” song was something they didn’t want to reveal to viewers before the performance, so they couldn’t actually include rehearsal scenes from the novel
  • Harada and Ishihara really having lots of characters with their own little stories — a glimpse of everyday people here and there rather than big war epics etc. Harada had all of the characters’ names, designs and character settings posted around his work space, and made it a point to give each and every one a line at some point in the story. For example, if they were in charge of something, then they’d have a line in this episode…and so on.

Cast #2 (The quartet again)
  • Tomoyan is really pushing Shuuichi as being a catch (ikemen)…
  • A lot of people wrote into the radio show about the vote that the students had to take about their goal, many commiserating with Aoi-chan, who couldn’t bring herself to raise her eyes from the ground even as she cast her vote. A lot of them had felt that pressure of being isolated for being ‘different’ from everyone else.
  • They really like (Yamaoka) Yuri, who plays Yuuko, ‘cos she’s really nice.
  • @ 18:05, the only person who responded to Taki, with a “Yes, sir!,” was Reina.
  • Their reaction to the Gotou-Riko two-shot is hilarious! Gotou is another favourite
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