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...two runs...TWO #$*(%)@( RUNS!!!!!

England won the second test at Edgbaston by one of the narrowest margins ever, at least during the time I've been following cricket. After the third day, when England basically brought Australia to their knees (and they deserved everything they achieved that day), I didn't even bother turning on the tv to watch the last today, expecting it to be over relatively quickly. But Warney, Binger and Kaspa defied them for the greater part of a session, and nearly brought about the impossible...

I'm still not in the mood to hear or read about it...but on reflection, this result makes the series so much more interesting. Whether England will be able to sustain the intensity they had throughout most of this test is questionable, but for the Australian team, it's slightly worrying when the bowlers have higher scores than the batsmen...

I should have watched that final session yesterday morning. Heartbreaking (from my p.o.v.), but damn good cricket.

Other than that, I've just spent an hour or so figuring out how to extract a .rar file with Japanese characters in the file names... Stupid XP...you can't recognise both Japanese and Chinese non-Unicode characters at the same time, not when your OS is in English! Firstly, had to install East Asian language support, which could not be done without the Windows XP cd...which meant I couldn't install it last when I first 'needed' it on exchange last year, then had to tweak a few more things to get the system to read the characters rather than labelling them as '?', which is NOT ALLOWED as part of a file name! damn Microsoft!! And of all the places to get the information...it was a site explaining how to set up your computer to play a BL game from Japan...
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