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Brief thoughts on Yuri!!! on ICE episode 11

Just gonna add to what I wrote two weeks ago ^^;

  • Well, there we have it. Yūri has come out and told Victor that he wants this to be the their last competition (as student and coach). This isn't a surprise--as I wrote in that previous post, the presentation in episode 9 suggested to me that Yūri was thinking of retiring straight after the GPF. Then, I wrote that his main reason might be wanting to give Victor back to the skating world...but after seeing Yūri consider what happened to JJ in this episode, I wonder if Yūri's thinking might have changed slightly. As in, he's still going to have Victor stop being his coach...but perhaps it's also a boost to give himself the extra motivation to skate well in the free?

  • Is it possible for Yuri to win? Not if Yurio and Otabek skate well. But as JJ demonstrated in this episode, and the real GPF showed us last weekend, anything is possible. Just as the two people who won both their Grand Prix Series qualifiers finished off the podium...JJ may well finish off the podium. To be honest, I wonder if he's gonna throw down the gauntlet and have the free skate of his life, thus setting a really high bar for the rest. Having come last, JJ should be skating first in the free - I'm fairly certain they're still using last year's rules on GP skate orders. It makes me wonder how they've paced the finale: Yūri should be skating third, and I'm going to have my heart in my throat because I desperately want to see him skate clean. But then Chris, Otabek and Yurio will skate after him... So I'm honestly stumped as to how they're going to end this...in an ordinary sports series, you usually find the protagonist making a fantastic play at the end to win the game, and that's certainly what last year's real-life GPF, and World's in March this year, were like. But this is figure skating...and sometimes, it's more that a skater lets a (gold) medal slip through his/her fingers... My heart will bleed for Yūri if Yurio wins...but it'd bleed for Yurio if he succumbs to the pressure and falters at the last gate...

  • And by-the-by, all figure skating fans are currently going "BS!" at those short program scores. Yurio's score, for one, is impossibly high. Under the current scoring system, his maximum should have been around 115 points. The only possible explanation I can think of is that, because of Victor's insanely high technical scores over preceding seasons, scoring has been revamped such that PCS has now been increased from 50 to 60 in the short, and 100 to 120 in the free, so that the maximum achievable for each is roughly the same. But if so, then Yūri's score is probably a bit too low, and JJ's is still too high. The jump requirements for a short program are (1) a double or triple axel, (2) a solo triple or quad jump, and (3) a combination jump. JJ singled his axel, and didn't manage to complete a combination jump...so he really should only have gotten in the 60s for that short (or 70s if PCS has been boosted). So non-figure skating fans have the advantage over us in suspension of disbelief here--I dearly wish that they'd been a bit more realistic about this!

  • In any case...I think I'm done for now. In lieu of thoughts about Victor--and I have to admit that I still don't know how he's going to respond to what Yūri just told him--there's a relevant translation I have to work on.

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