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"Does it come in black?"

Looks like we're back to typical Melbourne weather once again. After two weeks of beautiful weather (with the odd rainy day...strange that we always manage to arrange get-togethers at times like that though...), it was so cold yesterday that it snowed in the outer suburbs. Now, when people report snow in Melbourne, they're generally referring to tiny little crystals that melt just as they hit the ground (or even before). Yup, it's not actually snow. But I guess we like to trumpet anything and everything that we can. What I thought was strange though...was that the forecast was min 5, max 10 degrees C, nowhere near freezing point, yet they also forcast snow... If the weather in the outer suburbs is really that different from the city centre, what does that tell us about industrialisation, Mr Bush?

Turning to the cinema...saw Batman Begins a couple of weeks back (first Tuesday back in Melbourne. Am very pleased to find that cheap Tuesdays are now HALF-PRICE Tuesdays, even for students. Movies are now a very affordable $5.50-$6.50, depending on where you go), and I quite liked it. Whilst Tim Burton's take on the Gotham hero will always have a special place in movie history ("where does he get those wonderful toys?"), the most recent film reflects a recent trend in the superhero genre that really emphasises the human side of these heroes (and heroines...why can't we just dispense with gender specific terms?). Batman should have had an advantage over everyone else, as he doesn't have any special powers, just brilliant gadgets and immsense endurance and strength (and training), but as the BB's filmmakers have expoused, the previous films never really went into the man behind the mask.

BB works for me because I can believe Bruce Wayne is a human being. Filthy rich perhaps, and with an immense drive, but still human. The end made that clear (even if that scene/reaction was...short...in a sense). I liked seeing him discover all the people who could and would help him, find the cave and start to develop it etc. (One wonders how in the world previous Bruce Waynes managed to have such a high-tech cave without anyone else in Gotham knowing...I mean, who did all the work? Perhaps the next film(s) will explain...)

As for the faults...I dislike Katie Holmes. Perhaps it's the character, even if she knows what she wants and works towards that, the majority of the movie has the actress with particular expressions on her face, which I just didn't like. (Maybe I should see it again to think about it more...). Christian Bale will take a bit of getting used to, but I've appreciated his work since I saw Empire of the Sun at least 6 years ago now, even though I haven't seen a lot of his more recent work. The "method actor" approach isn't particularly good on his body though, especially with the challenging roles he wants to take. And Gordon...that was Gary Oldman?!?! Worlds away from so many of his other roles...so many other recognisable faces and names kinda made me a bit sick though. That's the way Hollywood is I suppose, but fingers crossed that that won't detract from this new interpretation of the Caped Crusader.

Ditching the seiyuu week notes...too tired to keep track of it anymore, especially since I just keep missing it. The third test starts today, Binger was declared fit, won't know about Pigeon 'til tonight. Just hope neither of them rush back before time, because that would just make it worse. The test is in Manchester of all places...not that I would have been able to go probably, but I might have looked into it harder if I knew I'd be there...such poor timing...
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