March 8th, 2005


I feel so stupid...

From my first post:
Fai's seiyuu should be familiar to some - he's in BECK and in GANTZ...maybe I should start watching the BECK episodes I've collected so far!!

I just noticed on ANN that I have heard Namikawa Daisuke in something (besides the Parfait Tic drama cd which wasabi_fiend so kindly shared)...I was just watching Onegai Twins a couple of months back (or was it just a few weeks? I really can't remember...have seen way too much this past year!) and he's Maiku in that. I'm pretty certain the info on Namikawa-san wasn't this extensive last time I checked...but with that, I can probably imagine him a little better as Fai-san, although Maiku is still a much more serious character than Fai is most of the time!

Last night, I got my internet connection back after 2 whole days of having been disconnected. At first I thought it was my fault for downloading a bit too much...but it turns out that my entire block at college lost the connection. A few frayed nerves aside (not mine...I wasn't too fussed), I ended up finishing Uchuu no Stellvia because of that. It's been such a long time since I marathoned anything! The last series was RahXephon (and go took me 2 weeks to finally watch the movie once I got hold of it)...and similarly, I watched 10 episodes in a row whilst I was meant to be doing something else. Very much worth it though...
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Second update today...a strange wind must be blowing...

So what warrants a second update in the same day? Something that applies to the majority of the online community. I saw it first on The Age (Melbourne) website, which turns out to be the most informative I've found so far. Might that just tell you something about how seriously (or not) the American public is taking this?

Anyway, it seems that we finally have a US conviction for the illegal downloading and sharing of copyright material. Collapse )

Collapse )