April 30th, 2005


GSD Live episode commentary!! (and discussion...)

GSD 28 finished airing probably about 45 minutes ago...and everyone (who wanted to) already knows exactly what happened. In a novel approach (well, I've never seen anyone do it before), JadeShadow on the animesuki forums created a 'Live commentary' thread, reporting dialogue and events throughout the episode! (Warning...JadeShadow is a Kira-fanboy...)

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edit: I forgot - it's Tanaka Rie (田中理恵)'s week at seiyuu. Hope someone puts up the files of her appearances on Radio SEED and Radio SEED Destiny!

edit2: Bleach 177...@_@...damn Aizen...and when is _______ turning up? Then again, I don't think he's able to return to SS...

edit3: Evangelion 66 has been released (unsure as to exactly when though)...looks like it just might be finished after all...eventually...