September 11th, 2005


Never seem to learn...

Watching the daily_snitch hasn't been such a great idea. It's just a wonderful way to procrastinate.

The camera just focussed on Hugh Grant at the Oval a few minutes ago. Why did they have to do that? I for one don't want to know that I share an interest with him!
edit: nice comment to Gilchrist slicing one to the boundary..."Safe...not sound, but safe." LMAO.

The Pride & Prejudice movie website is up. I was shocked when I first heard that some filmmaker had decided to make another version of my favourite Jane Austen novel, and I dare say any info I've read and heard on it up til now hasn't done anything to change my initial reaction of distaste. The 6 episode (5 hours total) BBC version from 10 years ago is basically a modern classic, and I'm sure no one can take Colin Firth's place as Mr. Darcy as long as he is still acting. Kiera as Elizabeth looks ok - a bit too pretty perhaps (then again, all the sisters are too pretty, especially Mary) - but that's about as far as I'll go at this point. Rosamund Pike as Jane looks too...modern, and too outgoing. Remembering her from that Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies I think it was, she can probably play the reserved side of Jane, but she just...looks wrong nevertheless. The married Bingley sister has also been written out - SC was lamenting that a lot of characterisation of their class would be lost, and really, social comment was a huge part of Austen's novels. And the costumes, especially for Lizzy are just too dark too much of the time...and I won't even begin on the hair, suffice it to say that Matthew MacFayden does not look like Darcy to me at all. Emma Thompson made Sense and Sensibility a joy to watch with her screenplay, no matter what she decided to cut out. However, at this point, it looks like it will take a miracle for me to watch this.

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