December 1st, 2005


On Feminists

(I'm actually wondering where this belongs - that's the problem of having two journals with different friends on them... Well, since it was sparked by some Harry Potter essays, I'll leave it here... And then there's the second problem, just how to link them...)

Figured it out. The essay that has sparked this comment is the "Why All the Female Characters in..." (duh...)

This essay condemns virtually all of the female characters in Harry Potter that are expected to be taken as role models by young female readers worldwide (and, on the flipside, praises one that I personally find repulsive, both as a woman and as a person). It criticises one character for following the stereotypical female career of being a teacher, and calls a couple of others whores who must have men in their lives.

How shall I say this? Well, I think I have a very poor understanding of what feminism actually is. Collapse )

And yes, this came from a Harry Potter discussion, which, at least in my mind, is not a world that is constructed well enough to devote all that much time to (although I devote too much time reading some of these essays and discussions...). However, there are a lot of intelligent people in the...fandom (seriously, that word has too many negative connotations) so what comes out of it is often very good material for discussion.

And on another note...I'm not replying IN the fandom itself because I am quite happy sitting outside it, and I understand that there are some opinions that you just cannot change.
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