December 16th, 2005


Australia are 8/243 - damn the reception!

This looks to be a very good test match between Australia and the Proteas at the WACA, but the reception is terrible! *sobs* I just can't watch it at all! Well, I should stop feeling sorry for myself and just head down to the hotel reception and ask how to fix it...on the other hand, it's probably better that I can't watch tv, not that I'd been watching any at all recently...

From the commentary, some of the Australians have been playing badly, but let's not take anything away from the South Africans, especially Ntini, who's been bowling excellently after the tea break (3 for 8!!).

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Love the Christmas present LJ gave us...although, looking through the accounts that have been available, I kinda regret missing the Permanent account sale back in June. I wonder if they'll ever be on sale again...but if so, I'll have to make sure I have a job so that I won't feel guilty buying it.

I give up, I'm creating a Harry Potter just doesn't really belong under 'literature'...

Read an excellent HP fic yesterday - Redeeming Time by Minx. I don't recommend reading it if you're completely against slash (or HP slash, or non-canon get the picture. edit: I should clarify...the fic is PG-rated, not R or NC-17), but the characterisation of the marauders in that fic (part of the Door to the River series) is brilliant. RT itself covers what happens to the four friends in the year after Sirius plays his 'trick' on Snape, and the dynamics of the group are pretty well captured...Collapse )

I am back in Melbourne now, having spent just 10 brief days in Perth (and pretty much not updating anything...something about me not having my own computer, and having to leave the internet to my brother and his WoW stints of up to 10 hours a's a miracle I managed to reformat my HDDs and still make sure I had managed to keep everything on them. It didn't help that the home HDD is only 80GB as opposed to at least 200...) where I took the chance to catch up on a few series. I've been watching Saiyuki, which is relatively old, and it shows...and has quite a few changes from the manga IIRC, along with several fillers (*ugh*). (but seiyuu love!! ♥s SekiToshi again ^^ )

But most importantly, I saw six episodes of Collapse )

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