January 14th, 2006


Forgot a couple of things...

make that three...

Parfait Tic has been picked up by Shoujo Magic, which is great since I really want to know everything the characters are saying (although, I suppose that I could laboriously translate up to 107 myself if I really wanted...). It'll take ages for them to get to the current spoilers I've read though...Collapse )

I finished the last two volumes of Tokyo Babylon, with the Tokyopop translation, of all things. And, it was surprisingly good - they left the honourifics in (Subaru-kun, Sei-chan, Seishirou-san etc) and only one thing made me cringe - it was some translation which I don't remember now. I'm tempted to buy it...but then again, I intend to buy the Japanese version.

I've read four manga series in the past week...and I really can't be bothered reviewing them now. Maybe later today, after I've had some shut-eye.